Puddle Cruiser

Puddle Cruiser

A student falls in love with a fellow student who is defending his buddies in university court. He "proves his love" (more like his masculinity) to her by playing rugby against her ex-boyfriend.

A student falls in love with a fellow student who is defending his buddies in university court. He "proves his love" (more like his masculinity) to her by playing rugby against her ex-boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shoshanna F (kr) wrote: Great concept but the dialogue is written far too sparsely for real character development. It almost seemed as if I was watching the "notes" for the real script (!) This needed work...

Shawn S (jp) wrote: Hilarious, great animation, excellent cast.

codeywings10 (mx) wrote: Perfect follow-up! Today's Citizen Kane!

Tarun P (mx) wrote: One of the best action/crime films I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

Roy O (fr) wrote: Great movie, great music. Will Ferrell actually can act; and even sing a little. Feel good movie that shows good guys can win.

Brian P (kr) wrote: umm... okay.. even with Bruce... it didn't save this movie... don't see this made for T.v Movie!!

JFloyd3 W (us) wrote: "Random Hearts is "perfect world" about two people who would have never met... in a perfect world.".. Of course that is what Sydney Pollack has been cinematically all about - "a perfect world".. surprising that RT's combined critics equals only 15% positive reviews.. Among others I agree with Betty Jo Tucker writing: "Kristin Scott Thomas's elegant femininity contrasts perfectly with Harrison Ford's bruised machismo in this mature romantic drama." .. Yes, it has a top-notch cast.. The narrative is also a very compelling one but, in many ways, "a perfect world" gets in the way of the telling...

Josh M (ca) wrote: Not interesting, slow, and very dull. The gangster aspect is cliche and there is a whole lot of nothing going on.

Tom D (ru) wrote: The action sequences are excellent but the scenes in between are a fairly average mish-mash.

Jay B (nl) wrote: Funnier than most... Kline is fantastic and Ullman is superbly grounded. I haven't laughed like this in a while. This true story of a wife coping with her adulterous husband is a romantic comedy like I've never seen.

David R (de) wrote: You'll laugh, you'll cry - one of the most profound movies I've ever seen in my life.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: This thing is creepy--Good anthology!!

Carole T (jp) wrote: Oh my gosh....this movie is terrifying!! Evelyn is one nasty piece of work and you can just feel your whole body tensing up just waiting for her next move...classic!

Steve M (kr) wrote: Big fan of John Cusack, but I can only assume producers had kidnapped his entire family, before making him take part in such a big stinking turd-bomb. Drive Hard... to avoid this movie at all costs!!!

John S (kr) wrote: Very enjoyable Saturday night movie. I can see that Mr Gleason was worthy of several nominations on this performance.The plot was a bit here and there trying to cover a number of pertinent topics about how the war progressed and Churchill's reaction to it. As well as showing the Churchill family in France as the results of the General Election were being readied. And Winston's feelings about how the election would pan out.Fascinating stuff to see. Churchill is a genuine hero, the Greates Briton of all time and a very interesting character to boot. I agree with some of the other comments that while the acting of Gleason was great an the character of Churchill interesting there were probably a number of historical innacuracies in the film itself. That didnt really bother me so much though. It was very watchable Saturday night fare.

The Movie G (br) wrote: Intense and scary. I enjoyed it not a lot, but I did enjoy it.

Jackson M (kr) wrote: Apocalypse is by far the worst in the series, but it still manages to entertain.

Rory S (kr) wrote: It's not an inspirational sports movie, though it has elements of that, nor is it a drama in a sport setting entirely. It does have a few awkward parts, or at least to me they were, but they only add to the humanistic approach that this movie portrays of competition.