Puente Llaguno claves de una masacre

Puente Llaguno claves de una masacre


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Andrew L (kr) wrote: Choke is loyal to it's source material and Rockwell is his usual electrifying self, but it's missing the emotion, dark comedy and insight of Palahniuk's book.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Hilarious. I actually really enjoyed this when I first saw it though I'm sure now I'd find it pretty cheesy. God, I was an idiotic teenager who'd like anything with a monster in it (and Bruce Campbell for that matter).

Joseph K (us) wrote: tragic stark look at a life of abandoned homeless children in Bombay. very well made and acted movie but depressing end to end.

Rich A (mx) wrote: all filler no thriller

Tommy H (mx) wrote: The movie is like a warm hug. It reminds me of listening to my grandfather tell stories when I was younger. I didn't care about the stories, I just felt good listening to him speak. His nostalgic glow was heartwarming. The movie has an old soul and a naturalistic enthusiasm. I guess I would call it a guilty pleasure. I'm a sucker for minimalist adventures in the wilderness.

Jarrett M (jp) wrote: A very amateurish looking film, with wooden acting and a somewhat interesting premise. The deaths are not very creative and there isn't a wealth of tension through any part of the film. When the identity of the killer is revealed, it came at no surprise to me at all. This is an amateur feeling film that doesn't generate any degree of fear, tension or effective horror. Just avoid, I say.

Nathan R (fr) wrote: For a movie that's 56 years old and relies solely on classical music, Fantasia is still an entertaining spectacle for both eyes and ears. Though it's definitely not for everyone, the animations are stunning and diverse through its many sections and leave viewers interested. The movie could have done without the pointless "Meet the Soundtrack" section and the Dance of the Hours segment left a little to be desired, but for the most part the animators created some gorgeous work and included some classic scenes like Mickey's first film appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Jon R (au) wrote: 2015 FILM: "IT FOLLOWS"Director: David MitchellLead Actors: Maika Monroe/Keir GilchristBRILLIANTLY COMPELLING! PERPETUALLY UNIQUE!UNSHAKABLY NIGHTMARISH! RELENTLESSLY TERRIFYING!A truly one of a kind and never before seen horror film! "It Follows" is refreshingly original, dreadfully suspenseful and intelligently terrifying. With brilliant cinematography and an electrifying musical score, the films critical acclaim is beyond worthy. Along with the last two greatest horror films to come out "The Babadook" and "The Conjuring" director David Mitchell has officially joined the ranks of those last two all time greats by remarkably putting together one of the most mesmerizing and suspensful horror films in recent memory.

Jimbo F (nl) wrote: I thought I drank a lot of beer. Hell I thought Nancy's uncle drank a lot of beer. Then I saw this movie. We don't drink that much beer at all.