Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Mario leads a normal life, working in a Milan bank. His daily routine is shattered when he witnesses a murder and is shot himself by the killer, a deranged police commissioner.

Mario leads a normal life, working in a Milan bank. His daily routine is shattered when he witnesses a murder and is shot himself by the killer, a deranged police commissioner. To save his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (us) wrote: Two boys attempt to define masculinity in response to their respective family dramas.This Danish film is oddly both ambitious and contained. Its plot centers around only two families, one wracked by divorce, the other by death, but as the two male children of these families mature, we see that they're struggling with deep and difficult questions. What constitutes "being a man?" What examples do fathers and mothers provide their kids? Where is the line between being a disciplinarian and being a child's friend? What are parents' roles in preventing violence? These are ambitious ethical questions the plot brings up, but as a result of the film's reach philosophically, the plot starts to suffer when each of the film's conflicts resolve too conveniently.Overall, this is a fine, ambitious, and interesting film until its pat conclusion.

Becky T (jp) wrote: Ok. Had way more kissing and Matt Damon's rear end than expected. It was a little dull at times, but Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were superb.

Tommy L (de) wrote: I thought it felt a tiny bit short, but I loved it.

Jason S (ru) wrote: A terrible attempt at a psycho-thriller where the movie seems more fractured than the psyche of the main character.

Private U (jp) wrote: Number one reason to see this movie: An angry and ignorant man puts the "Jew" in Giuliani.

Don S (nl) wrote: A CBS mini-series featuring Thomas Gibson (of Criminal Minds) and Nancy McKeon (Jo, my favorite of the Facts of Life girls). The premise is preposterous, however this disaster story is written well enough for you to care about the characters and almost feel the danger they are experiencing. Brian Dennehy is wonderful as the head of the Weather Service in Norman. Pretty darn good considering it was made for TV.

Teddy V (br) wrote: All the dramatic bleeding heart nonsense SIngleton fills his films with explodes like a gigantic stupidity festival; it's just too much for any of this to be even close to believable (how the fuck does he justify attacking racism and lesbianism?). This is not how young white men "become" racists; you have to learn how to hate like that over a long amount of time. I know that young people freshly arrived at college tend to be somewhat dumb and very impressionable, but give me a break, no one who's actually gotten in to college is as dumb as any of these characters...

Aaron B (kr) wrote: Despite Melanie Griffith being cast in a role well beyond her limited abilities, this movie is well worth a watch.

Mr marvellous Z (ca) wrote: underestimated film bcoz of the release with PLATOON and FULL METAL JACKET.

Gary K (us) wrote: A slow-paced beginning leads to a fascinating character study by the end -- but ultimately the film felt a little false.

Brett B (ca) wrote: Solid foreign horror anthology with fine production value, interesting staging by director Bava, and - of course - the always-welcome presence of Boris Karloff. Only one of the three stories can be considered truly excellent (the segment called "The Wurdalak" is phenomenal), but the other two have some nifty things to offer genre fans, too.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: poor acting.. But a good movie

Alexander Z (fr) wrote: As we've come to expect, Michael Jai White flexes and kicks ass.

Nate J (es) wrote: Really funny movie with some truly belly-achingly hilarious moments. As always, McCarthy is a comedic queen and is a laugh a minute. The story feels fresh and the comedy is continuous.