Puli is action oriented movie in which, Kranthi (Chiranjeevi), an honest police officer who is deputed to the special branch. He has a sister named Lakshmi. Inspector Syam is a corrupt officer and works for Smuggler JK . One day,Syam causes an accident and as a result of which Radha, Kranthi’s fiancee, loses her eye sight and her brother gets killed in the accident. Kranthi goes on hunt and catches corrupt inspector Syam and his associate James. meanwhile, JK Kidnaps Radha and Lakshmi. Rest of the movie is all about how all ends well.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Alex r (de) wrote: Second effort from the entertaining Outpost gives a more detailed plot than the original, yet retains the same ingredients that made the first one well worth seeing. The cast do a good job in their respective roles, and the script is fairly tightly written with plenty of intricate passages to make things quite interesting for the viewer. As a Sci Fi horror film, OutPost: Black Sun works well enough even if it doesn't do anything to elevate the series to new heights of excitement. The norm here is good, and it is a skillfully crafted sequel to an otherwise quite simple first film. What stands out again is the gore and outright gore splatter fest that ensues. This is a must for gore hounds everywhere, and it's a film is just as entertaining as the first picture. Outpost: Black Sun is far from a great horror film, but for a low budget production, it has more heart than many of big Hollywood rehashes that are simply cash cows to make a quick buck. Films like this deserve attention because the level creativity involved in the making of film is skillfully done so as to attract old and new horror fans. The formula here works, simple idea, thoroughly entertaining, and that's how the genre should really. The emphasis on pure shocks and thrills in this follow-up make this a riveting horror yarn that should delight traditional horror hounds that crave something different and in a way it's nothing new either, but the way the material is tackled well enough to grab your attention, makes you not care about the films

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: An alright movie. Nice ending.

Diana W (kr) wrote: i was never a fan of kimura takuya, but this movie definitely changed my perspective of him =)

MF J (jp) wrote: Weirs film but very well done. The main actress is particularly interesting to watch.

Augustine H (au) wrote: An artistic biography. Great performance from Javier Bardem and I will never forget Johnny Depp as a transvestite. But who cares?

Paul S (mx) wrote: While not quite as good as the original Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent is still quite a clever movie.Full of interesting plot twists (most of them able to be seen from a mile away, however), Bartok is definitely a good movie to watch. Featuring excellent animation and catchy songs (I can't help but replay Baba Yaga's song over and over again), it is good for kids, but also is good for adults.Move over, Shrek, Bartok the Magnificent is coming through.

Issac L (gb) wrote: This is one world-class piece of work desperately in the waiting line for a BluRay revamp, watched this Kurosawa's Soviet Union film in DVD format, the quality is discouraging, but the film speaks for itself in shedding bells and whistles and homing in on a camaraderie between a Soviet military explorer and a seasoned local hunter among the bleak Ussuri inhospitable region. Storyline-aside, it is another Kurosawa's awesome visual spectacle, a tremendous field shooting endeavor, epitomizes by the sun-moon co-existence with solemn placidness, furthermore, it is a hymn to mother nature, Dersu personifies as the harmonious co-habitant of the mighty wilderness, a sublime soul with well-versed survival skills, on the contrary to my recent watched documentary TOUCHING THE VOID (2003, 8/10), DERSU UZALA owns a purer and more admirable prospect, instead of conquering the insurmountable to chase a spur of glory and invincibility, it is far more intrepid and unpretentious to be a part of it with reverence and be respectful to its law and act, in addition to its indefatigable undertone against industrialized modernism (it is the brand-new rifle, a token of friendship, actually wreaks the somber demise of Dersu). Strictly speaking, there is merely two characters in the film, Dersu (Munzuk) and the Russian Captain (Solomin), a bond is tenably formed through their expedition in the wild, from lush jungle to walking-on-the-thin-ice frozen river, the life-saving bravado during a squalling night when they lost their track on a snow land or a torrent peril, Kurosawa moulds a great range of topography with taut excitement where it is required. The character study of Dersu also is been executed through the observation and the interaction from Captain (viewers' proxy), who is enthralled by Dersu's simple yet ethereal nature, a rare bird may or may not be extinct now. The dual-acting from Munzuk and Solomin is the fruit of naturalistic emancipation and unassuming engagement. Also a memorable presence is Isaak Shvarts's accompanying score segues from lithe to menacing, eerie to sonorous, with Russian folklore and shanty as well.Being a Chinese, I cannot avoid mentioning the sensitive timing (after China and Japan's rapprochement in 1972 and China and Soviet Union's dispute in 1969) of the film-making, which prompted an accusation from Chinese government concerns a so-called political libel on Chinese people, mainly by vilifying Hunhutsi (which literally means red beard in Mandarin) as the villain and the nature-balance defier. But honestly, this episode is largely overstated since there is no direct confrontation at all in the film, at least for my compatriots, don't let this smokescreen blinds your eyes, DERSU UZALA is a spirited ethnological oeuvre could inspire whoever has a chance to watch it, preferably on a big screen or at least a BluRay edition.

Tim S (au) wrote: This is one of the most annoying and unlikable movies I've ever laid eyes on. Seriously. Teen-Age Crime Wave (aka Jailbait) has about as much appeal as a turd in the trash. The actors are mostly just annoying, and you can't get invested in the story at all because you just want to get up and shut it off. I have to say though, I have sort of an aversion to movies like this. At least, movies made in this era. Instead of trying to create complex situations with what feel like real people, they just try to put some kind of heavy-handed message in about the rebellion of youth and the consequences if it goes too far. It doesn't help when the characters are annoying and you just want to slap them for everything that comes out of their mouth. The only thing notable about it is that it was featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and it's an episode I don't even like as a consequence. Others may disagree, but I just hated this movie outright.

Jesse O (br) wrote: What a fucking misleading poster, there's no fucking T-Rex in the movie. Sorry to spoil it, but don't look at this poster and expect to see a fucking T-Rex. I also didn't review the last two movies I saw (Era El Cielo and Love Clinic) because they're not available on here. With that said, on to the review. You know, outside of the Jurassic Park films, I've always found dinosaur films to be a little lame and dorky. I don't know why it is, but I've always felt that way. And I know that that's not exactly fair, to lump in all dinosaur films in existence into the same description, but that's just been my experience. And, as far as I can tell, there have also been no found footage film about dinosaurs. Well, none until this one at least. I can't quite understand why this film really existed in the first place. Like, why would you go out of your way to try and get this film produced? That perhaps sounds a little harsh, but I don't intend it that way. But it's just the fact that there's nothing to this movie, absolutely nothing. It's not an awful movie, don't get me wrong. For what, I'm sure, was a low-budget found footage movie, this is a competently made movie from a technical standpoint. It's got everything that people hate about the genre, but if we're being objective, this isn't a horrifyingly made movie. It's just not. But, outside of the fact that it had better CGi than I would expected for the dinosaurs, there's absolutely nothing to this movie. This group of explorers goes into the Congo to explore the investigate a cryptid that the locals call Mokele Mbembe, who is thought to be a dinosaur. On the way there, the group's helicopter is attacked by flying reptiles, which causes the chopper to crash in the jungle. So, basically, the story is about this group trying to find their way back to civilization so they can be rescued. And that might sound like it's not so bad, for those of you who haven't seen the movie. But I'll be straight up here, the movie does less than nothing with that. You have a group that, really, you should feel sympathy for. You should want them to get out of this situation, but there's not even that. The movie doesn't really know what it wants its story to be. Does it wanna be about a father and son repairing their broken relationship? Does it wanna be about a jealous partner, who feels the spotlight should have been his instead of the person who actually got it? Or is it just meant to be a stupid movie about dinosaurs doing shit? It definitely wasn't the latter. Because, while the movie is called The Dinosaur Project, they're not actually present that much. I mean, they're there for sure, but it's more about the humans instead of the dinosaurs. And this wouldn't be so much of a problem if they had one thing and one thing only. Can you guess what that is? I'm sure you can. Interesting characters. The film's characters are some of the blandest people you will ever meet. They have no personalities whatsoever. The one that does, the partner who feels he should have had the spotlight, ends up coming out of nowhere. I mean he does an interview early on in the film that shows that there's some tension there, but there's no tease of dissension any time during the trip to the jungle. He just becomes a dick, literally, out of nowhere. It would have been more satisfying if they had built it up throughout the movie up until that point so it, at least, wouldn't have felt out of place. But, and if you have a shitty memory, you don't even remember the interview at the beginning. It is what it is, but I just felt they shouldn't have even bothered with this. It just didn't work. Another thing is the fact that, realistically speaking, this isn't ever a horror movie. Nor is it really an action-adventure. I don't know what the fuck it actually is. This movie defies description and not in a good way, like Swiss Army Man or Save the Green Planet. Those films work because they mix and match so many different genres into one insane piece of art, that the fact that it defies description is a boon. This isn't the case for this movie. They don't attempt to be inventive or creative in any way, shape or form. So the fact that it lacks an actual identity is, really, disastrous for this movie and their hope of finding an audience. Dinosaurs fans won't like it because it doesn't feature many dinosaurs. Horror fans won't like it because there's very little actual horror. What does this movie want to be? Other than just a small drop in a wide ocean of found footage movies that fail to find much of an audience. I've seen worse, for sure, but there's nothing about this movie that I liked. The CGi for the dinosaurs was actually pretty good considering the budget, which I know was low, but that's about it. There was nothing else I got into. I cannot recommend this movie in the slightest.

Tanner B (au) wrote: Fantastic Four (2005) C-106m. BOMB D: Tim Story. Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba. Inauspicious adaptation of familiar Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby superhero comic books with familiar character competitions, one-liners, evil masterminds. Nothing escapes heavy-handedness. Definitely one time you should read the comics instead. You know something's wrong when a film makes Jessica Alba invisible. "Extended edition" runs 125m. Sequel: FANTASTIC 4: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER.

SteL P (es) wrote: I'll draw a comparison : Amy was screend at the Cannes Film Festival, Janis was screened at the Berlinale. The Cannes Film Festival is the number one festival in the world, the Berlinale is second, perhaps.