Kasi picks up a phone that belongs to businessman Karthik on an impulse. What he doesn't realize is that the phone had compromising videos of the latter, which soon leads to trouble for both the young men.

The loss of a phone threatens to capsize several lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pulivaal torrent reviews

Jalen M (br) wrote: This movie is bad but it has its moments. Shane Dawson does his best with what he's given. It's just not good.C

Dan S (ru) wrote: An intimate look at one of the most storied and creative bands of all-time, and how their decorated 40-year career started and the bumps any great band eventually encounters. What makes this documentary so special is simply, the people it details. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart come across as some of the most down to earth, genuinely likeable and thoughtful guys that have come through the mainstream music scene. Whether it is humorously looking back on the band's beginnings, or exploring the heart-wrenching loss Peart especially experienced in his life during the late 90's, this film never ceases to remain interesting. It does not pull any real surprises or pretend to be anything more than it is, and for that, it gets a high recommendation, especially if you are a "Rush" fanboy like me.

Hyerin B (kr) wrote: Mads as Christoffer is a good guy who is hurt, flawed and doesn't know what to do with the failing relationship. The ending was very poignant and somewhat left you hanging. A really nice Danish film.

Eric B (ru) wrote: This movie is thriller, crime, tense, suspenseful, and rough. Emily Mortimer was fantastic. It's fun to watch Harrelson play an average, upbeat American guy. This movie has unbelievable thriller plot, decent beautiful cenimatography, strong characters, and solid performances. Even though it started off slow, it speeds up and really got me riveted near the end even it it was well past midnight. It will make you to think "What would I have done?" This is how a thriller movie is done! Well worth watching for a classic thriller-type film. Two thumbs up!

Gena D (us) wrote: Jennifer Love plays the standard role she is assigned. The whiny rich bitch socialite who gets everything she wants while being a bitch and then learns that it's better to be nice and gets the nice guy. Bubble gum bubble gum goo!

Marvellous G (us) wrote: I don't like when he turn blind

Adam U (es) wrote: I just love this movie perfect 10

Abel D (it) wrote: Just a whole bunch of nothing, Spawn is neither exciting nor funny, though it really tries to be. Even Sheen, White and a really hammy Leguizamo cant salvage a thin plot, dated effects and non-existent emotion.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, January 28, 2013 (2012) The Philadelphia Experiment SCIENCE FICTION Painfully bad straight-to-rental and made for tv film which is a remake of an old idea that is far worst than the 1984 original of the same name. Starring Gina Holden as Katheryn a hacker crossing paths with her missing grandfather, Bill who was pronunced missing while on board of a WWII battleship called the Eldridge. At the same time her fiance who happends to be a policeofficer gets himself trapped in the Elderidged where Bill escaped and then a government cover up of the experiment itself which can be rectified if no one have to be eliminated since whatever came from the past cannot be killed anyway- killing all the converts involved. The most stupidest thing was when an airplane crashes into the Eldridged war ship which appeared on the middle of the road and hardly anyone shows up except one police officer without any barricading or anything is the most absurd thing I had ever seen. Very hard to accept since the cast is restricted to only a few characters when the film itself demands hundreds and thousands just because the Elderidge battleship appear on to several loactions including one of the buildings of Chicago. This film is painfully bad throughout. .05 out of 4

Jon A (de) wrote: Very ordibnary version of the Arthur legend. Minimal Hollywood tinkering with the plot but little inspiration either. Gardner is largely wasted while Baker is in his element.

Lateef R (nl) wrote: OMG this movie was so cheezeball. It was like they were going out of their way to make this movie so sadistic and the actors in the cast weren't built for that kind of movie. If it had better acting and less OVER acting maybe. But even the main killer in the movie tried so hard to be sadistic and you can tell it was almost like the guy didn't even wanna be IN the movie. Thank you for wasting an hour and 27 minutes of my life.