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Pullimaan torrent reviews

Kat G (it) wrote: I liked the message of peace and friendship between India and Pakistan, as well as, of course, a girl able to bat with the best of them. However, the plot has already been done by hollywood in She's The Man, which in turn was copied from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Honestly, can bollywood please give us some originality?

Kullen S (us) wrote: Fantastic. Great film that every aspiring film maker should see.

Jann R (nl) wrote: Surprisingly really good low budget zombie film. Its funny and clever but at the same time has its flaws. The good qualities outweigh the bad ones in this film.

Andrew B (de) wrote: Political government type thrillers are certainly not going to entertain everyone. Especially one with a really complex story about politics and oil etc.. But at least the star power in Syriana should be enough to a least draw your attention in its direction. If I didn't see George Clooney overweight with a beard in the previews of this movie I may have not given it a second thought and never saw the movie, but even if something silly like that got me to give this movie a chance, I'm glad it did. Straight from the movies opening your not really sure what you are about to dive into, but it will grab your interest for sure. A couple intertwining stories across the entire globe. From back room deals for big oil company mergers to a down on his luck middle eastern young man who turns to a terrorists group to find meaning and purpose in his life, this film seems like it is all over the place, but it is not. The stories are all interconnected and are really well done. No, at the end your not going to find out they are all related in that kind of interconnected way, but through the movie you will see how one thing affects the other like dominos. When George Clooney first started doing movies I pretty much shrugged my shoulders and just thought it was this heart throb TV star going into corny movies and it was going to be pretty much Oceans 54 by the time I hit 30, until I saw this movie. He won a well deserved Oscar for his role in Syriana, and really put the film industry on notice that he wasn't just your run of the mill good looking guy, and that he was going to be taken seriously as an actor. Some people will not have the patience to stick with Syriana because of the pace and the in depth story telling, but your missing out. This is one hell of a good movie.

Lesly L (ca) wrote: Amazing. Acting, documentary style, story. Really connected with the loneliness and need for intimacy and the lengths we some times go through to get it of the characters in this film.

Natalia N (de) wrote: ???? ?? ???????? ??? ?????????.

Cedric l (au) wrote: A Classic Urban Drama

Sunnie D (ag) wrote: love the score, love the directing, but the acting was funny to watch at times. nicely written but since i didn't know all the politics involved in the movie and it might have been better if i did.

Ian L (fr) wrote: A monster so clever it hides in the glare of the Sun so you can never see it...brilliant!

Daniel V (us) wrote: Once again there is a lot of "me" in this movie. Hard times, good friends, big dreams.

Rodney E (de) wrote: Early Robert Zemeckis flick that follows girls swpt up in Beatlemania who try and meet the Beatles. I thought that this was fun when I saw it. Incorporates a lot of Beatles nostalgia to it.

Amanda C (au) wrote: This is an extremely entertaining film. The three female leads have fantastic comic timing and are incredibly engaging. The ending of the film feels like it was tacked on and carries a completely different tone from the rest of the film. Other than that, Busby Berkley's musical numbers fit the film perfectly, as over the top and oddly quirky.

Tonya N (gb) wrote: Drumline and Marching band stuff...enough said!!