A man conjures up a gigantic vengeance demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy the teenagers who accidentally killed his son.

A bereaved farmer enlists the aid of a gigantic vengeance demon called Pumpkinhead to help avenge his son's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pumpkinhead torrent reviews

joey b (es) wrote: Lose interest in this film

Thiago B (gb) wrote: Muito bom e verdadeiro.

Juli N (de) wrote: Conspiracy, investigations, murder's, trials, as interesting as all that is that's not why we are all here! Were here to get our daily fix of Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace)!

Gary B (kr) wrote: Don't make mommy angry

Alastair K (ag) wrote: Anyone else notice how many ad's you get on Youtube these days. No. Just me.

Robert R (ag) wrote: Soulless lead characters and an absolutely mind-numbing second act squelch any chance that "Miami Vice" has in convincing the audience to buy its gritty, updated interpretation of the classic TV saga.

Paul D (ca) wrote: As pscholigical thrillers go the pace is slow but the interest is maintained through a dark and twisted plot. Unfortunately the end is too complicated and confusing for its own good and is a disatisfying let-down.

Robyn M (ru) wrote: "Nothing amazing, but had some funny bits."This movie seemed to have a goal of not having any original jokes or even any humor at all. Worse is searching The Ex online you come up dry or with dating advice... Batemans PR team mustive done some online cleaning up. sad really!Bateman could have saved the movie, if the director allowed him more breathing room. My mom always told me "If you haven't got nothing nice to say- don't say it at all." That saying applies here.

Clay B (ru) wrote: NORTH TO ALASKA (1960)

Anatoly S (jp) wrote: An excellent noir thriller. Takes a little bit to get going, but after that it's an exciting ride. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Yash B (gb) wrote: I think this movie gets a much worse rep than it deserves. It's a lot of fun and Will Smith is as charismatic as ever. I think the finale is a bit overblown but other than that it is a unique movie that is a great time. Nothing masterful, but a very entertaining movie that gets points for trying to be original.