Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes

Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes

He threw their loved ones into a swamp. Now they want revenge... But when a demon does their dirty work, it comes at a price.

A small backwoods community has discovered that the local mortician has been cutting corners by dumping the bodies of their loved ones in a nearby swamp as opposed to cremating them as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry C (fr) wrote: What a boring movie. I was expecting a sexy suspenseful thriller and it was none of the above. We both fell asleep through parts of it.

Kaushik G (us) wrote: One of the best Work of Anurag Kashyap yet , the Screenplay and his technique of filming in tracking Shots combined with Dialogues and Songs make this movie one of the darkest Movie ever.

Bruno C (gb) wrote: Oh this was a trip! Oddly enough "Juncture" ran on cable here in Mexico. I happened to have worked for the catering and craft service for the film!So...this was a barely ok, moderately low-budgeted "indie" flick, in mind that this would go direct-to-video, a kinda b-movie caliber action flick you'd see at Blockbuster. Indeed the movie plays out a lot like a made-for-tv movie, the plot is there but silly (young woman diagnosed with a brain tumor, has months to live, travels around for her job and moonlights as a vigilante against criminals that escaped the judicial system), the script was pretty bad (awful dialog), pretty bad acting by most of the talent, some pretty obvious mistakes in shooting that had to be patched up in post. The cinematography was good though in places, nice locations, and a couple members of the cast stood out (like John Hutton who played Ana's (the lead) boss and benefactor)....of course this was probably much more entertaining for me to recognize locations and remembering what went down on that day during shooting...but even that, I had to cringe at some of the acting of the young talent. Seriously Mr. director Jim Seale, you could've done some more takes of some horrible line delivery here and there. And like I said, the script is pretty poor so it's not like there's much even a veteran actor could do with it. Oh and the failed stunt scene really sticks out (I remember that was a loooong day) where a car was supposed do an upsidedown flip into a lake...what ended up happening was the car just did a slight jump and flopped in the water, not at all dramatic...and then next shot it's completely submerged lol! Actually that whole scene was a bit of a mess, where they had to reuse footage to make it seem like the car was driving along the lake still...So, as in the words of an old friend of mine, this was a B minus movie (and that might even be a bit flattering). It's the typical shlock you'd expect from an action-drama Hollywood movie, but at a lower budget. Check out only if you like this type of stuff, or are *seriously* bored!

Collin P (gb) wrote: A light hearted, fun romance until disaster strikes.

Allen W (es) wrote: Poor production values and the 2.5 hour running time notwithstanding, 'Sword of Gideon' is still a much better movie than Spielberg's 'Munich'... No doubt it's a tough ask to present a neutral view on events such as the Munich massacre and the extrajudicial retribution that followed but this movie manages do just that... and that makes it a movie worth watching!

C H (it) wrote: "Amantes" S fica bom no fim. As mudanas que os personagens passam ao longo do filme so interessantes.

Austin M (es) wrote: Not even really entertaining enough for a bad movie night, all scenes take place either in a cave, lab, or courtroom.

Gaspar O (es) wrote: This was number four in tonight's quadruple feature. I'm not sure how we stayed awake. Wow was this unfunny. It's unlikely that Alan Arkin made a worse film.

Paul C (gb) wrote: You cant help but be charmed by Margaret Rutherford's depiction of Miss Marple, and although much of the story is transparent (with the villain of the piece being obvious early on) its remains enjoyable to the end. It is disappointing how little James Robertson Justice is used as his verbal sparring with Rutherford is a high-point!

Matt C (it) wrote: Again one of those movies that could of been much better

Hrant B (br) wrote: Let's be cops is about two guys who are not cops to think they are cops and have everyone else think they are cops. It was a hysterical film that I could watch several times. I am sure we will see a sequel to this movie. I would definitely recommend this movie.