Punching the Clown

Punching the Clown

Winner of the Audience Award at the Slamdance Film Festival, this realistic comedy tells the story of Henry Phillips, a hapless modern day troubadour who grinds his way through the ...

Winner of the Audience Award at the Slamdance Film Festival, this uproarious and smart new comedy tells the story of Henry Phillips, a hapless modern day troubadour who grinds his way ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Surajit Kumar M (it) wrote: For those who have seen it live must be a wonderful movie to watch out for to know the details. Tom Hanks is yet again superb. Why the hell every time he gets into trouble while on a journey? One of the finest work by a pilot being honored through this movie.

Renee L (us) wrote: A BBC film available on Netflix streaming. Sad, creepy, scary, and surprising, it takes place in what appears to be shoddy, British, low-income housing. This sets the mood of despair early on. Sorrow abounds, but it has a great and somewhat hopeful ending. If you want to try to figure it out yourself, pay close attention not to WHAT one of the main characters says, but HOW she says it.

jack b (mx) wrote: Highly recommended by horror site Bloody Disgusting

Lewis E (mx) wrote: If Clint Eastwood is directing, there's a high chance it is going to be good. Though a more accurate comparison would be required, this may actually be a better tribute to Nelson Mandela than 'Long Walk to Freedom'. Sufficient time is spent on showing Mandela tackling the post-apartheid issues without sacrificing the on-pitch action. Morgan Freeman demonstrates greater natural conviction as the former South African president compared to Idris Elba while Eastwood completes the admirable task of conveying the all-around significance of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. It even manages to engage a man like myself who doesn't care for the sport. Might be in the mood to sit down to some rugby world cup....if there's no football on.

M K (mx) wrote: Stick a fork in Mark Pellington--he's done. In the DVD liner notes, Pellington states that this film contains everything he wants to say to the world. Apparently, what he wants to say to the world is "don't think, just have blind faith."A music video director who drowns his films in his tacky style, Pellington apparently channels his feelings over the death of his wife into this film, which puts me in the rather uncomfortable position of saying "Sorry your wife died, but your film sucks." Endlessly awful music video montages substitute for character development, a priest character turns up to provide a voice of moral reason, and an Adorable Little Blonde Girl Has a Sad Secret(TM). It gets worse. Yes, this film is about the Good Lord Almighty, and about how if you just sacrifice every thought in your head and surrender every hope in your heart to a higher power, God will give you a Movie Miracle(TM) to cure your Fictional Life-Threatening Movie Disease(TM).I'd rather keep the cancer, thanks.

James O (gb) wrote: Pretty good thriller about a people smuggler, with a bit of a Fargo feel to it, just better and more entertaining.

Jenny P (kr) wrote: Un d films que j'ai le plus pleurer!

Samantha S (br) wrote: Fascinating - stellar performances by Annette Bening and Ben Kingsley. Look quick for the rarely-seen-lately Brett Butler.

Morgana (mx) wrote: One of the most accurate depictions of Vlad Tepes's life. The guy who played Vlad helped out with my visual stimulation of it. ;)

Matt G (nl) wrote: A cartoonish, grating, silly, incompetent, and impossibly likable cult classic. Not great, not bad; it is, indeed, a GOOD burger. Favorite quote: "I don't remember what my dad looks like either...but at least I get to see him every day."

Private U (kr) wrote: Who would have guessed that 29 years after the first movie sidney poitier would have been in the second with new challenges and in a new country absolutely fantastic movie but then again its sidney poitier what would we expect

Kristopher P (au) wrote: It's hard to believe this movie is autobiographical. Woody seems to be showing us more of a comedic portrayal of what we seem to think of him. He rips of Fellini, but does it with loving affection and enough twists and jokes to make it stand up.

Jimmy O (nl) wrote: Una estrella solo por McDowellAsco de pelcula, culote.

Alexandra W (mx) wrote: An engrossing and disturbing amalgamation of Nancy Drew, an 80s after school special, and an episode of SVU.

Robert M (mx) wrote: This movie is everything Dewy Cox satirized. Add in a hefty mix of awful and a bizarrely placed Pro-Isreal message, and you've got yourself a movie for you and your buddies to laugh at.

Andre M (kr) wrote: Good story and very good acting. The absurdity of the hunt for "communists" the U.S. government did back in the 1950's has eerie parallels with today's hunt for "muslims". I'm thankful for people like Mr. Trumbo that stood up for human rights and universal human values.