A David and Goliath law drama about a drug-addicted lawyer who takes on a health supply corporation while battling his own personal demons.

The movie follows a lawyer who is a drug addict as fights a medical-supplies corporation in court while battling his personal demons. Soon, he sees all the doors closed in his fight against the powerful mafia of the medical supply system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (jp) wrote: I found it to be a nice ghotic terror movie, about a teenage girl doppleganger. The plot doesn't get many surprises, but fortunatelly it doesn't uses blood and gore to make the atmosphere. The photography is gloomy, and beautiful Sophie Turner acts very nicely. A good to median movie. 6,0 / 10,0

Dale R (br) wrote: Not bad : would have been improved with a different running order ; and I'd have switched the ending. Some decent music in it which was a bonus.

Kurtiss K (es) wrote: Powerful performances provide a perfectly pitched production.

Rangan R (au) wrote: When the electric mist from the sky struck down.This film came five years ago, but I watched it now. A US-Russian collaboration product that's entirely takes place in Moscow. This is an alien invasion theme, but slightly different than those similar films. It never gives the reason, just the destructions like apocalypse on its way. That means it is about the survival. A group of Americans who are in the Moscow for different reasons joins the hands after people started to turn into ashes with the contact of the strange electric mist that came from the sky. So what's their plan now and whether they get out of it safely or not focused on the remaining film.Surely some people would enjoy it. It's not all bad if you are not expecting a masterpiece. I should have seen it in digital 3D for a better experience, even the normal watch is not that bad. The turns in the story were unpredictable, particularly the film characters, but the twist wasn't. They kept the open ending, and you know why is that. I liked the performances, not individually, but the overall everyone, including the Russians.The film was also shorter, which means fast moving tale. The graphics were okay, especially those electric mist thing, but disappointed for not show the aliens other than for fractions of seconds during the fightbacks. Despite enjoyed watching it, I'm not in favour of it, because it's just one of those films that falls in the average category where the majority of those who watched it not happy for not detailing everything in the film.4/10

bill s (jp) wrote: Watchable and one should not bitch because you know what your getting yourself into when watching this series.

Arianne M (de) wrote: "When is an act of love an act of murder? Madonna asked as she is interrogated playing the role of defendant Rebecca Carlson, in the murder of elderly Andrew Marsh. Dating for several months, sexy Rebecca Carlson and vulnerable Andrew Marsh became extremely close, eventually developing a more than serious relationship. With little aware of this ongoing relationship, Rebecca uses her wit and charm to seduce millionaire Andrew into adding her into his will. Unexpectedly Andrew is found dead from the cause of heart failure in his mansion, handcuffed to his bed, a home video of him and his lover, and a large amount of cocaine in his system. When police analyze the situation, nothing makes more sense and is more obvious than accusing Rebecca Carlson with the murder of her older lover Andrew Marsh charging her with aggressive sexual acts resulting in murder; but is Rebecca truly the answer to all of the police's questions?Strikingly beautiful, young, and captivating, Rebecca is used to men throwing themselves at her, offering her the glamorous lifestyle, and overall treating her as a goddess. But one thing that she hides is her dark past and ulterior motives, which are later, brought to light. Never being looked out negatively and especially never being accused of a murder Rebecca does not know the first thing to do, but when a handsome lawyer pops up during her arrest all of her questions are answered. She does the only thing she knows how to do and seduces her lawyer into being the only person with any faith in her, which later leads into a full on affair. With her lawyer at her beckoning call, no solid evidence connecting her to the murder, and her innocence, how could she be a murderer?What makes this film one of the greatest crime thrillers of all time is the unexpected twist and unusualness of the trial which gives this plot something most movies do not acquire. The casting of actors and actresses only help add to the overall intensity and mystery director Uli Edel was aiming for. The main reason why I rated this film a perfect five star is because of the moral behind the plot. Writer Brad Mirman wanted to exhibit the power that women actually do retain, despite how society has always viewed women as weak and submissive to men. With his goal of showing that women possess a sexual appeal and charm that men do not, women of all kind would enjoy this film.

The Critic (kr) wrote: Robert Townsend's satirical look at Hollywood's stereotypical representations of the black community in film and television does a lot with a mere $100,000 budget. The picture is quite polished and there's plenty of talent in the lead roles to involve the viewer with the proceedings, but 'Hollywood Shuffle' isn't without its flaws. The script, which Townsend co-wrote with Keenan Ivory Wayans and an uncredited Dom Irrera, has clever flashes of dialogue and allows for some effective physical comedy, but the the end result is a number of sketches that run for too long; the joke thereby feels a little tired once the individual vignettes and the overall production are done. Most importantly, the message of is lost when, in challenging black stereotypes, Townsend is more than happy to enforce gay ones for a quick, cheap gag. Furthermore, women are just in the picture because they simply need to be. Generally entertaining and engaging to a point, but 'Hollywood Shuffle' could've been so much more.

Neil M (es) wrote: Seen it a few times and it really does bring back those days, with a certain theatrical license in order to tell a good story. We should never forget what has transpired in our times.

Said E (ca) wrote: I'm a louis malle fan, not one of his best.

UN O (gb) wrote: BRILLIANT cast: Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Terry-Thomas, and MANY more.

Flike S (mx) wrote: When "City of Women" was released Fellini was told that his film was merely mental masturbation. His reply was, ??It's not mental its real".I understand that "City of Women" was released many years after "The Lovers", but that response could not have defined this piece of work any better. In Malle's film we see a woman who is at odds with her love life. She is obviously neglected and feels she has found greener grass on the other side. It is not until an unexpected event with her car breaking down, leads her on another course.Malle's film is in the least a risky picture, but not for its sexual exploitation. It is about pure impulse and making the choice of acting on it. Everybody at one time or another has that dream of love at first sight. Somewhere in the back of our minds we have that hope of finding that someone in a ??first glance??. But when, it happens is when we are really tested. The picture is tragic because a child is left behind, but that is a small piece of this work that makes the story so visceral. Some may argue that this film was merely made for controversy. I believe it deserved the controversy but not for most of the reasons it was earlier recognized for. Louis Malle was 25 and already a famous filmmaker even before some of the other stop French directors such as Godard and Truffaut, due to "Elevator to the Gallows". I can believe that this was truly a personal film, and as Malle stated; it is a film for a woman, Jeanne Moreau.

elise h (fr) wrote: i will admit, i saw this for johnny, but was completley entranced by the film, expecially javier bardem. that man can act, enough said. the story was thought provoking, touching, and entertaining. the directing was different, but in a good way, and the cinematography was beautiful. as for johhny, i was taken a back by bonobn, but a second later i was enjoying the absurdiity and slight humor the role. this film was a lot better than i expected or herd about from others. i thought it was great, javier bardem deserved his oscar nom.

Bryan W (jp) wrote: Not a bad fast paced love story like all of them

Moya W (ru) wrote: Christmas movies with actors that you've actually heard of are usually the better ones - The Holiday, Love Actually, Jack Frost - but that just wasn't really the case with this one. I just didn't understand Ben Affleck's character. The humour in the movie wasn't really that funny. This could have been a good movie if you actually felt for the characters, which I didn't.