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Oris C (us) wrote: Absolutely fantastic! This is the best of the whole Twilight Samurai trilogy. Whenever Takuya Kimura is in a project, it's for sure a success.

MarieBella C (gb) wrote: This is a wonderfully powerful film adapted brilliantly from the award-winning novel. Kristen Stewart gives a truly star making performance as Melinda.

Mattias E (au) wrote: Believe it or not, but only a few years ago Johnnie To was mostly associated with comedies like these, and quite successful they were as well. So successful in fact, that he eventually would afford stop making them and concentrate on some real gangsta shit. Anyway, supernatural comedy My Left Eye Sees Ghosts is probably the best of the bunch. While being one of the most annoying people on the planet in most cases, here Sammi Cheng is indeed very funny, and the quirky Beetlejuice-character fits Lau Ching Wan like a glove. Great fun in other words, although I must admit it's a bit distressing to see a bunch of your old Milkyway-favorites make asses of themselves on screen. And it looks good too, courtesy of regular To-photographer Cheng Siu Keung.

Hassan I (es) wrote: A joyous masterpiece of great insight and profound depth exploring the fascinating dynamics of an Indian family. Never has a film felt so real, as if it's characters could actually exist in real life. Alive with heartbreaking observations of human behavior, bolstered by colorful characters, highly energetic pacing and fantastic performances, "Monsoon Wedding" is a rare Bollywood movie that hits the bullseye on every front. But what truly makes it a great film, and not merely a good one, is the intelligent meaning that it gives life itself. We're so used to coming across movies as entertainment, that we often forget that they can be so much more. In this exceptional one, we care for the characters. We relate to their troublesome situations. And though this may be hard to believe, we even end up realizing that we've been in their shoes throughout our own lives.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Unforgettable is a decent film. It is about a husband who is framed for his wife's murder but goes on journey to find his wife's killer. Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino give sincere performances. The script is good but at times seemed a little far fetched. John Dahl did an okay job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture not one my favorites.

Vyacheslav K (fr) wrote: Just as good as the second and almost as good as the original. This one takes itself a little bit more seriously however, with an obvious political underdone that you shouldn't ignore, which provides an interesting new dynamic to the story. It all makes sense when you consider what HK was going through in the 90's. Definitely see this if you liked the first two Police Story movies, this is a continuation of that series despite not having Police Story in the title.

Heather B (us) wrote: stay away from this movie! i dont know what john malkovich was thinking,but it's a waste of time even if you're bored! cleaning would be more interesting!

Justin R (mx) wrote: A pretty weak horror movie starring an icon of the genre. "Frankenstein", "The Bride of Frankenstein", "The Mask of Fu Manchu" and "The Body Snatcher" are top notch Karloff

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Very beautiful chronicle of Catherine the Great, portrayed magnificently by actress Marlene Dietrich. Starts with her residing to the reign and gets interesting when she begins fooling around with the various men in her kingdom, eventually making everyone fear her and become discontent with her presence. She also goes on to take over the Russian army. Fascinating and beautifully shot. The set pieces are so good and so classical that they cannot be forgotten. One particular scene of memory is when Catherine overlooks feast on a huge table, in which there is a massive roast in the middle of the table. Dietrich is cold and evil in her role. The movie is able to capture the era for which Catherine was part very well.

Cecil G (ru) wrote: Here is a hint if you're looking for an enjoyable movie. If the critics hate it and viewers love-- See It! It's going to be great! Haters hate

Armando P (fr) wrote: Would be better if the story wasn't so damn bad

Billie P (mx) wrote: "Deep Web" (2015) is a bit of a misnomer for what this film is about. The concept of the deep web is that more abundant portion of the Internet where a lot of activities and transactions go on, beyond what the superficial traffic we see every day. But the film is only tangentially about that.What the film is really about is about the Silk Road and its mysterious leader, Dread Pirate Roberts. The Silk Road was a secret Internet site where people could buy and sell mainly drugs using electronic currency. It was founded with an anarcho-capitalist creed: consenting adults who are of age should have the right to buy and sell what they would like without outside interference or control.Its founder Dread Pirate Roberts used his nom de plume and message board platform on the Internet's Silk Road in order to spread this political message. Because of this freedom and his message, many people praised the anonymous Dread Pirate Roberts for being a champion of libertarian values.Everything came to a head when the U.S. government got involved to crack down on the website, since it is illegal to buy, sell, or distribute certain kinds of drugs within the United States. Another surprising turn was that people discovered that Dread Pirate Roberts himself, or someone who might have been using his name, had contracted hitmen to kill members of the Silk Road who were willing to reveal to federal authorities how the Silk Road system operated.Although no contract killings were carried out, according to the criminal records money did exchange hands for those services. This event had people rethinking the intentions and motivations, if not of the Silk Road at least of its administrator Dread Pirate Roberts.The film is provocative and challenging, and writing about it makes me realize that I like the film a lot better than I thought I had. The only reason why I might not be able to recommend it enthusiastically is that the film is not really about what it purports to be about. Had the film been called "The Story of the Internet Silk Road" or something more to the point of the film, I think I would be quicker to endorse it. But still another reason why I might feel uncomfortable endorsing it is that I don't really think it's a must-see. Perhaps if the film focused more on the service and less on its founder.