Punk in Africa

Punk in Africa

Three chords, three countries, one revolution...PUNK IN AFRICA is the story of the multiracial punk movement within the recent political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern African countries: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Punk in Africa 2012 full movies, Punk in Africa torrents movie

Three chords, three countries, one revolution...PUNK IN AFRICA is the story of the multiracial punk movement within the recent political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy S (gb) wrote: Kind of a unique story here. At least not one I've seen before. Oddly enough, it lends itself to some funny situations. They cast is first rate. I've never heard of any of them and that's okay because I didn't have any expectations. But, I was very pleasantly surprised and amused too. Loved this film.

Thomas N (au) wrote: The original line-up of puppets (Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Leech Woman, Jester) are back and a new Ninja puppet is introduced. But to be honest the puppets look terrible especially Pinhead who seems to have a really long neck in this film. The animation is embarrassing to watch but I did like that it had the atmosphere of the first few Puppet Master movies. The way this one ended shows that there is a possibility of another installment but hopefully its the last. I wouldn't mind seeing a Retro Puppet Master sequel as well so that we actually knew what happened to the Retro puppets. But after that and a sequel to this film I say they should call it quits. Maybe sometime down the road then a company with a huge budget can make an incredible theatrical remake. I'm not a big fan of remakes but one for this series could be just what it needs.

Andy A (ca) wrote: It's good to see a movie that doesn't allow its creativity to be weighed down by its obvious financial limitations, but sadly it is marred by cliches and overacting to the point that it's almost embarrassing. Granted, it's got an interesting premise and it is just plain fun to travel the imaginative sets since it's almost like watching a bunch of kids making a pillow fort or a tree house. And there are indeed a few genuinely funny random moments tossed in for good measure. But even cameos by Adam Goldberg & Fred Armisen don't generate enough anti-G to float the dramatic ineptitude of the other players since the timing was all off. And since the story works almost solely on a theoretical level without the grandeur or eye for beauty that make other like-minded films so great, the experience is generally one of annoyance since the entire idea of science fiction relies on a certain suspension of belief through vivid and convincing imaginary worlds, something that this doesn't really do. Love the neo-psychedelian rock, hate the filmmaking.

Sumit S (ca) wrote: Thought-provoking. Hard-hitting. Disturbing. Powerful & yet, Heartbreaking. The Believer is the story of a neo-Nazi skinhead who develops a fiercely anti-Semitic worldview despite being a Jew himself. Ryan Gosling gives an electrifying performance as the self-hating Jew, Danny Balint. Very well directed & paced, The Believer may not be an easy sit for most but it surely deserves a wider audience. inspired by the true story of Daniel Burros, The Believer is a must-watch.

Charles P (ru) wrote: The characters are weak, their awful singing is instantly tiresome, the adventure is tedious, the politics is outmoded, and idea that Warren Beatty is a sexual failure while Dustin Hoffman is a stallion is the stuff of inebriation.

Jenn T (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, I wasn't really expecting to like it actually but I found myself interested the entire way through, well acted and the plot flows nicely.

James B (au) wrote: It was ok... From what I've heard all of Woody Allen's movies have a certain feel to them. To me this was just kind of a very cliche romantic comedy. It didn't work really well in my opinion. At times it was just downright boring.

Tatiana R (mx) wrote: i love The movie!!!!!!!!!