Punktchen and Anton

Punktchen and Anton

Despite their social differences Luise, called Pünktchen, a girl from rich parentage befriends Anton, a boy who has to earn his own money in order to afford life for his sick mother and ...

Despite their social differences Luise, called Pünktchen, a girl from rich parentage befriends Anton, a boy who has to earn his own money in order to afford life for his sick mother and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farid H (nl) wrote: Autant lgament envotant que frusrant , une subtile histoire de fontme des temps modernes dans laquelle Kristen Stewart crve l'cran de bout en bout...

Alexander Z (ru) wrote: Ugh. I don't care how satirical this is; it's just not fun to watch.

Danny M (us) wrote: Not good. Another comedy that's not funny pointless film. Not really worth watching

Henry M (de) wrote: Apparently I'm in the minority when I say this movie wasn't for me... I can admit the premise is original in a horror genre packed full of cliches, but at what cost does originality come? The filmmakers essentially and effectively made a mockery of their own movie within the movie, and unfortunately I just didn't find it enjoyable. The first half an hour or so did have a lot of potential, but sadly it just never picked up from there. Needlessly dumb plot twist and you aren't really missing anything if you sit this one out.

Tor M (kr) wrote: If not an interesting documentary it sure is a pretty one. Sigur's music has so perfect timing and is so very, very emontional. This film uses great nature shots combined with pictures from a tour in iceland some years ago to go with their music and message. The documentary does this well without overdoing it. I like the stories they tell and some video/audio connections are cool. Great music, great images, OK documentary.7 out of 10 goosebumps.

Joe A (de) wrote: A hot Asian woman hires a cute co-ed to be her housekeeper and there are no lesbian scenes! WHAT KIND OF MOVIE IS THIS?! Actually it's a fairly dull supernatural thriller with weak CGI. Asian folklore slant doesn't help.

Naughtia N (es) wrote: This movie was running on one of my channels, so I decided to watch it. I found it very difficult to sit through the entire movie because it was simply terrible. First of all, I'm not an American so I don't know much about Larry the Cable Guy. I haven't seen him in any movies or television series, and after watching this movie I wonder why he's so famous. He was not funny at all in this movie. Second, they show Jenny McCarthy on the poster as if she has a lot to do with this movie, she was probably on screen for about 5-10 minutes in total. They obviously put her on the poster to lure people to watch the movie. So I'd expect Jenny McCarthy fans to be quite disappointed with this feature. Witless Protection was witless and pointless. The movie was all over the place and I did not care much for any of the characters. I would not recommend my friends to watch this movie for any reason. Time would be better spent in any other place.

Stella S (fr) wrote: Just saw this wonderful heartwarmimg film again! Heart-wrenching to watch it now knowing the two key characters, Robin Williams n Philip Seymour-Hoffman are no longer with us! Glad they are at least immortalized on screen. They will always be my inspirations and my heroes no matter what!

Jon M (de) wrote: While I clash with a lot of Moore's liberal views, the movie is still funny. I saw this when I was younger, and this is still my favorite Candy movie.

Pavandeep S (nl) wrote: Hands down, a movie that was one of the largest risks taken and where that risk brought out a beautiful cinematic masterpiece where everything that could be wrong is right and every image is beautifully crafted for the right depth and mood and we get what is basically a wonderful film on the debased humanity of this world and the purity untouched that is trodden on continuously.

James H (br) wrote: Exciting thriller, with a solid and mesmerizing performance by Robert Mitchum. The script is taut, the pace is excellent and the black and white cinematography is very effective. Good atmosphere, great screenplay.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Entertaining film about a gangster Robert Taylor who's pretending to be acting good for his parole officer but is actually up to his old tricks and along the way he manages to fall in love with Lana Turner. A great script filled with good acting, including Van Hefflin in a worth Supporting Actor win as Taylor's alcoholic friend. I liked a lot of the twists throughout. Worth a look.

Alan L (ru) wrote: I was really looking forward to this Lucky McKee film. A bloody, unpredictable satire of annoying Cheerleaders and Jocks? Sadly it's more of an unfunny incoherent mess. Really disappointing. It has its fans though.

Alexis R (au) wrote: Antisocial Movie Review!By god..what a stupid movie.A movie about a mysterious virus that spreads throughout the internet and other devices. We follow five young teens through their night encountering this attack.Honestly? A virus that turns people violent? How does that even work? It just seems silly, but what is worse is the acting. It's so poor and sometimes even rigid. I guess there wasn't much that could be done seeing as how this looked low-budget.The ending to this movie, and explanation as to how this virus came to be and it's resolution, just completely butcher the movie from even a smidge of saving grace. And even with its visuals, it can be rather boring to watch.Don't bother, watch any other movie instead.1 out of 10 (.5 stars)

Andre C (gb) wrote: Awesome movie and very needing in this time of racism and injustice. Kapernick motives are deep within this movie. Disproportionately black folks are targeted a large percentage more than any other race and Mexicans coming in a close second.

Phil A (us) wrote: some good but some very dodgy moments