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Punyavati torrent reviews

Andres V (de) wrote: Muy buen documental sobre el "hereje" del cambio climatico Bjorn Lomborg quien escribio un libro que lo satanizo hace unos anios. Lo bueno de esto es ver su punto de vista y entender lo que plantea para poder resolver la crisis mundial con soluciones a largo plazo, no como las actuales que en verdad no sirven para nada y hacen que los paises ricos sigan creciendo mas a punta del ambiente mundial.

Zach M (fr) wrote: This was an uninspiring horror/slasher movie that tries to introduce a character named Chromeskull. Unfortunately we learn absolutely nothing about the character other than he wears a chrome mask and kills people.The acting in this movie was so bad, even with Lena Headey and Jonathan Schaech in it. (Though they aren't the best actors either)The lead actress who gets throughout the whole movie has a shower scene and shows no nudity. Disappointing.The only thing going for this movie are the well done death scenes, most memorable being where Jonathan Scaech get his face cut off. Well done.

Erin C (ca) wrote: Tokyo Gore Police (from the same director of such gems as Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl) proves that Japan has a firm foothold not only in the horror genre, but in the exploitation gore flick as well. Over-the-top and utterly hilarious, it satirizes the splatter genre at the same time as it gleefully frolics through the blood and guts and cliches--as any good exploitation flick should.

Jason P (it) wrote: Couldn't give it a negative this was the worst album ever put out by Metallica

Keifer B (br) wrote: Im not sure if this is the movie that my boyfriend wanted me to review because its soon gonna be relateable to me, but here it goes. This is a great movie! Definitely worth watching if you are in a relationship that is rocky.

Zack H (de) wrote: Glorious. After watching it, I feel energized artistically. I knew that Bresson was amazing, but I had no idea his work encompassed so much, and every last bit of it is superb. The documentary itself is a little unfocused in terms of direction, but the material is good enough that it doesn't matter much.

Konrad A (jp) wrote: This movie dose not have the same characters and not the same villains not a funny movie for me.

Slim t (ru) wrote: I didn't like it-another movie put on rotation to scare women on [i]Lifetime[/i].The premise could have been better,it's just really stupid and bland, the writing [i]really[/i] needed better care and work, i mean jeez! my [b][i]cat[/i][/b] could write better scenes! The casting is awful,don't even get me started.:rotten:

Mike K (br) wrote: 1st half = old horror shout-outs.2nd half = killer fetus. comedy gold.

alex f (ag) wrote: Hair brained 80's horror/comedy/bizarre.

Jared L (br) wrote: It is kind of unfortunate how realistic some of these characters are.

Golia K (fr) wrote: three tales about the attraction and power of women

Karen W (ru) wrote: Sooo romantic. And it's a true story.

Gregory M (ag) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite Abbott and Costello movies.

Brian C (mx) wrote: 13 Sins is great fun. Despite the fact this is a remake of a remake, it is brilliantly done.Elliot is broke, has a pregnant fiance, a brother in a home for mentally disabled, and a father in an old age home...he is fired and down on his luck.After getting a mysterious phone call to eat a fly (for money) he begins a dark and twisted journey to uncover who is calling him, why was he chosen, and just how far will these challenges goActing was quite good; supporting cast was great! So much to love and enjoy with 13 Sins.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's not a good movie to watch