Attempting suicide, sultry but down-on-her-luck swindler Liz is rescued by lonely tow truck driver Aiden. But instead of rushing her to the hospital, Liz's savior abducts her to his remote farmhouse, convinced that she is the wife who abandoned him years earlier.

Attempting suicide, sultry but down-on-her-luck swindler Liz is rescued by lonely tow truck driver Aiden. But instead of rushing her to the hospital, Liz's savior abducts her to his remote ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee H (gb) wrote: This show is decent in every sense of the word and conveys some truth about politics in a light and sometimes humorous way. Family-friendly. It reminds me of Disney made-for-TV movies of the 70s and 80s.

intuciic (gb) wrote: vivid and interesting movie

Ugoma G (kr) wrote: I'm so glad this movie had a positive ending. James Franco's character was definitely going down a spiral. It's messed up how something can follow you where ever you go, but I'm glad this was a good movie, not great, but a good story line.

Jameson W (br) wrote: Overly dramatic, in a creepy sort of way. Features both Amy Adams and Melissa McCarthy early early on in their careers. The only reason I watched this was for Amy Adams, but she's barely in it. Overall, this movie weirded me out and there's music playing for most of the film for some reason.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: watched it just to see beatrice dalle play a cannibal. the movie is very slow but has a really cool concept, and of course dalle's performance is out-fucking-standing. this movie mixes ideas from "rabid", "an american werewolf in london" and even "species 2", but is tonally opposite all of those. "trouble every day" is cerebral, artistic and kind of boring, but is nonetheless a very unusual take on the cannibal genre.

Kevin S (jp) wrote: Deuce is A guy that cleans fish tanks gets involved Antoine who is a gigalow. When Antoine has to leave for awhile he leaves deuce on charge of his fish to take care of them while he is away. While Antoine is away deuce has a little accident and knocks the fish tank over and breaks it and now goes on to be a gigalow to earn the money to buy a new tank. He gigs lows to sone pretty interesting women including an obese black women which looks like a man dressed in drag. A really tall woman, one with Tourette's syndrome, and one that even has narcolepsy and falls asleep really fast. He even actually falls in love with one that has a fake leg. There's some pretty funny results to these dates and that's what makes this movie really fun to watch. I laughed through the whole movie. Just the story and the situation he is in just unbelievably funny. I really liked this movie it delivers big laughs.

Ryan W (br) wrote: A terrible film with some of the most amateur dialogue,script,acting and special effects put to the big screen.

Diana M (ag) wrote: i love the drama in this movie

Allen G (kr) wrote: A gloomy but engaging piece with great acting all round- I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Nicholson and Waits. A fairly basic and skin-and-bones script but the acting talent is such that not only are the performances realistic but they also bring out more from the basic story. Not for everyone but it deserves a watch anyway.

claire f (de) wrote: i loved this as a kid and i still love it to this day

Keenan S (de) wrote: Malibu Express is nothing but a ridiculous, cheap softcore porn action/mystery film...and I had a blast watching it. This film feels like a strange, erotic 80's version of Clue, due to the murder mystery plot. However, this film also has action, racing, chase scenes, hillbillies, cheap sex and nudity, terrible acting and dialogue, and a plethora of other things that B-movie fanatics should find enjoyable. Do not watch this film unless you enjoy a good B-movie, otherwise you will hate it.

Theo G (gb) wrote: Raquel Welch makes the words: "hot", "sexy", "beautiful", "amazing" and every other word in the subject of love or beauty mean 100% all the time. That is the complete truth! Oh, Raquel, i seriously love you sooo much!! You are the best natural beauty ever! The film is also quite well done, but it would be an epic western if it had more action packed scenes and even a bit more dialogue and if it was longer too.More time in between the kills of the Clemens. But over all, "Hannie Caulder" is a great western with the most amazing and lovely lady: Raquel Welch!

Peter G (ca) wrote: Sewn together like the monster himself.

Derrick M (kr) wrote: Doesn't stand up to the original 'Magnificent Seven' well.