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Marcus M (br) wrote: Let's start with the good. Like other movie adaptations of Patricia Highsmith novels ("The Talented Mr.Ripley", " The Two Faces of January") , "A Kind of Murder" contains some great cinematography, and does an excellent job of capturing the aesthetic feel of it's time period(in this case 1960s). The problem with this movie is ummmm, everything else. There isn't a single likeable person in this movie, and character motivations are vague if not non-existent. There's little exposition behind many of the relationships we see in the film; which doesn't make the viewer empathize or sympathize with any of the characters.There was potential for this to be a good psychological thriller, instead it feels like this was adapted from a SparkNotes version of a Highsmith book.

Kamdyn L (gb) wrote: Pretty good. All the lifetime movies are well made but they try to make everyone look innocent.

Adam M (au) wrote: A very funny and enjoyable coming of age movie about friendship and acceptance. Tons of fun!!

Iara Z (mx) wrote: esperava mais... nem Gael salvou :/

Anthony L (de) wrote: I actually watched Prophecy: Uprising and Prophecy: Forsaken back to back. They should have released them as one movie since they were both barely over an hour each. As a fan of the first 3 movies in the Prophecy trilogy, I was very disappointed in these movies. I knew going in that they were direct to video B-Movie releases, but it wasn't like the source material was A-list. It would have been better to package these as a completely separate movie since there was no real connection the the original trilogy. Don't waste your time.

Geo T (au) wrote: Brokeback Mountain is powerful in story-line and Performance. Led by Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal who bring to life wonderful characters to a perfection. along with the emotions and powerful dialogue that perfectly blend together to cement this film as one of the best films out there.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Long,boring, and poorly directed.

Michelle C (ag) wrote: interesting film. i've heard about it which made me curious to watch it. i find the ending quite sad, but all in all i think it made sense. you'll feel for both characters. good plot, nice screenplay and perfect casting.

SELL M (us) wrote: diis iish real life shieat.. miint* sadd at de end dau!! shiieat..

Steve Z (nl) wrote: What a strange world this is, not the world of the movie, but ours which attempts to link this movie to any of the Ringu series. Not bad for sci-fi lovers, and interesting in the premise, but not scary, not suspenseful, and needlessly confusing.

Benjamin W (es) wrote: Andy Warhol sucks a big one.

Tom Z (ru) wrote: Beautiful love story.

F B (ca) wrote: Enjoyable film and cleverly put together with an interesting and slightly different story than usual.

Sarita C (ru) wrote: Watched it last night. What an awesome story!