Pur sang

Pur sang


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1931
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pur sang torrent reviews

Mike D (kr) wrote: Strange thing about this movie; nothing exciting really ever happens, but I was never bored or disinterested. I really found myself worried and wondering what would happen to Linda, although I probably always knew in the back of my mind. I've never seen her play any role like this, but Kristin Chenoweth was awesome as usual. The more I reflect after wards, the more it seems I appreciate this film.

tyrese c (nl) wrote: Boring for the whole family.

Daniel D (it) wrote: Jim e Michelle vo se casar e Stifler acaba arrumando uma grande confuso e quase acaba com o casamento, porm o mesmo se redime e usa o time de futebol para fazer com que tudo corra certo...

Brett H (jp) wrote: A solid hockey movie that should please all.

Kevin J (jp) wrote: I can see what Kiarostami was trying to do, but that doesn't matter because it didn't make up for the the total lack of anything that came even close to holding my interest. The only reason I got all the way through this film was because I had to watch it for a film class. I'm not someone who needs tons of action to keep me interested in a film; in fact I really like slower, intellectual films, yet I just did not like this movie at all. I don't understand where all the acclaim comes from.

Calyre Z (fr) wrote: "Meurtre la Maison Blanche"

Hollie T (ca) wrote: Deadly Blessing has easily moved up to my favorite Wes Craven movie.

The S (mx) wrote: Massive battle scenes and a superb cast. The script often sounds a bit strangled as it leans heavily on attributed quotes. The film was a joint Soviet/Italian collaboration made in 1970 and it seems no coincidence that political and socialogical differences between Napoleon and his adversaries are highlighted - the dictator Bonaparte is shown as very much a man of his people whereas his aristocratic opponents exhibit an air of superiority to and distain for their working class rank and file. All in all it's not a perfect film but it truly is an epic spectacle.

Alex C (us) wrote: While his techniques on mise-en-scene has been highly evolved to a degree of significant legacy to this age's arthouse cinema, Kenji Mizoguchi fails to repeat the same pattern of realism in his early times. The film, as highly praised for its improvisational, is being ignorant to its characters development and strength of the story. As we see, the story relies too much to the unprecedented relationship of the two main protagonists and their surprisingly dull performances, being unable to influence or, at least, provoke the audience. As a result, it's like a big time slip: the audience are forced to believe in the conclusion, while for the same reason, they don't see as much as why Ossan and Mohei would surrender and being happy at their final time (in contrast, Ossan's testimonials of the subject of adultery was very negative at first, but she has been doing the opposite ever since Mohei's confession).

John D (br) wrote: Berlanga's glorious slapstick take on the pompous conservative Spanish state of the 1950s.

Eliceo F (es) wrote: Fantastic film for kids and Halloween movie fans.