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Pur week-end

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Malinda S (gb) wrote: I loved it! Especially the ending...I used to live for Liquid Television, and then MTV Oddities....animation that's bizarre but meaningful=sheer awesomesauce.

Markus B (kr) wrote: Horrifying about the most tragic and dark among the then neglected problems of the USSR. What do you do when you realize that the very lawmen and persons in charge - in an almost absolute hierarchic society - are the ones also responsible for the worst of the crimes committed? You pray to God. Although I knew that Balabanov was the director (and I??m a big fan of his works), I had no real expectations about this movie from the start. However, once begun it soon had me fixed. The basic story is nothing new really, as for example Hollywood has always been making films about corruption, sheriffs that have been ??bought up?? by landowners and so on. But in this case, Balabanov has taken this somewhat ??classic?? and exploited theme and translated it into something that feels so naked, dark and real that it??s impossible to watch without being seriously affected. The real event behind is also just one of many that needs to be dealt with. Not long ago I saw the equally disturbing movie Lilja-4ever and I must say although these are difficult and hard to watch, they are very important.

Teleca T (ru) wrote: Terribly bored, annoying characters, mind numbing to a degree that words cannot describe! That is all I can muster about this terribly dull movie that just stole 1.5 hrs of my life, and I will never get that time back... Dont make the same mistake I did! Male and female alike will regret the decision to watch this movie.

Roberto A (it) wrote: The Stone Council DVDRip XviD-BeStDivX

Rebecca R (es) wrote: This movie was very easy to follow. Love how Angelica Housten makes an appearance. Her and John Cusack were great in the Grifter together. Added bonus Joan Cusack and Bobby Coleman! The fact it's based somewhat on a true story intruiges one to watch. A must see!

Donovan S (ca) wrote: I'm not a fan of the game myself, and this film did nothing to change that, however, Costner's performance in addition to a well-written script managed to churn out an entertaining piece.

Daniel R (br) wrote: Good stuff! Good old John Cusack :D

Lydia T (gb) wrote: the mise en scene is so heavy I can smell a shanghai brothel right here in my seat. Long takes are brilliant.

Romano G (ag) wrote: How did I miss this? I love a good sci fi movie.

Leo F (gb) wrote: Who Doesn't like this movie?

Colin H (us) wrote: Denys Arcand at his best.

Zach M (de) wrote: IM HAWT & UR NOT!! Top that suckaaaaa!This movie will always be remembered for the outrageously "funky" (awkward) rap battle and tons of 80s-riffic pop songs. There are so many tunes it's practically a musical. It's one of those things that's best to watch with a group of people and play a drinking game while poking fun at it. Take a shot every time there's a weirdly-placed music number or a close-up on Louise's legs! Not a classic, but gets points for dumb fun and sexy redhead Robyn Lively.

TheScarlatescu R (it) wrote: seen it a long time ago

Mark D (us) wrote: It wasn't as glorious bad and campy as I was hoping. It's just boring.

Jack S (ru) wrote: A great send off to a great tv show

Christopher P (fr) wrote: This was indeed a very good movie. Although somewhat depressing, it still made me joyful at the end, and has been affecting my life positively the past three weeks.

Ali A (gb) wrote: If you like the smell of anabolic steroids.