Pura Como Um Anjo, Será... Virgem?

Pura Como Um Anjo, Será... Virgem?


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Pura Como Um Anjo, Será... Virgem? torrent reviews

Kaitlyn T (ag) wrote: Heart jerking, and compelling. Would recommend it highly to anyone seeking the truth in the world.

Yanya Z (ca) wrote: an unexpectely fascinating film with a score of bookshelves and nice people growing elder, older and a bit happier

Felipe D (it) wrote: Funny performs from Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton.

Era M (au) wrote: Es la tipica historia de amor cargada de cliches donde el final ya todos lo conocemos pero Porque las 4 estrellas?La forma en que abordan el tema de la homosexualidad con los mormones es unica, al grado que la iglesia de los santos de los ultimos dias exigia retirar la pelicula y enterrarla en el fondo del mar por ser una ABOMINACION.Latter Days fue una de las peliculas de tematica LGBT que mas me impacto en su momento.Y como dicen "Que es mas grande tu fe o tu amor"

Calyre Z (ag) wrote: "Huit millions de faons de mourir"

Colleen H (fr) wrote: Joan Collins in 1977? Nothing less than 4 stars

Brandon D (de) wrote: creepy! special fx were atrocious though even for the 70s

Sui G (au) wrote: LOVE Charlize Theron. This is the weirdest movie. I love the plot though, it's radical! Crazy fun to watch. For serious.

Tanner B (de) wrote: King Kong (2005) C-187m. ??? 1/2 D: Peter Jackson. Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Colin Hanks, Andy Serkis. Ambitious film crew (all perfectly cast) make journey to an off-charted island where they meet slimy, gigantic prehistoric creatures--and multistory-sized gorilla. Jackson's treatment of the 1933 classic is a thrill-ride masterpiece; acting, dialogue, direction, production, and score are all exceptionally good. A tremendously respectable and rousing update of the classic '33 film; colorful characters, fresh new story ideas, edge-of-your-seat excitement--including faithfully imaginative "Spider Pit" sequence (an unforgettable scene, like it or not)--and captivating emotion are among ingredients, and they all click. Jackson's finest film to date. Oscars went to sound and special effects' teams. Extended edition runs 201 minutes.

Rick D (ca) wrote: Really distasteful movie. Funny, but in poor taste.

Adeoluwa A (it) wrote: Great Movie, You never would thought that Uncle Joe could walk.

Dawn H (de) wrote: Dumb, dumb, dumb. All I can say. Horrible acting. Horrible storyline. It felt like a cheap Texas Chainsaw wannabe movie.

Steven S (nl) wrote: Pretty rough going. It's about AIDS and not about anything else. Didn't find it particularly emotional, just uncomfortable.