Pure as a Lily

Pure as a Lily

Anthony M. Wilson is, for all appearances, an English gentleman. He has a string of tony restaurants in London plus a beautiful house decorated with all the trendy art he can get. There is another side of him he does not like to tell any of his friends, his Sicilian ancestry. When a mysterious letter arrives for him to meet a distant relative, little did he realize to what extent his life was going to change.

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Pure as a Lily torrent reviews

Mark P (mx) wrote: Must think outside the box to understand...

Anthony K (es) wrote: A complete abortion of a film, which seems to share its pro/antagonist's lust for sexual violence. The women never act believably, and literally do not object at all to their own brutal beatings. Beyond brief moments of too-graphic porno/torture, the pace is also glacial. Really just...trash.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: Where was I when this one came out? This film is a jewel. It opens as a shooting at an American high school has just ended. One girl witnessed the whole thing. What did she see? Another traumatized by the event. An unlikely friendship unfolds, and the truth is revealed. It's lengthy, but never gets dull. The end filled me with emotion. This one is a winner.

Matt F (br) wrote: This is campy and fun, and I especially love those fake Minnesota accents!

David B (nl) wrote: I felt a bit homesick watching this film specially with Santiago Segura wearing a cobi t-shirt...

Jeff B (jp) wrote: I just couldn't get past the hair...

Ty P (ru) wrote: A bit of a new-age classic, even if it contains some poor acting and a badly read script.