• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bret Fitzpatrick (Joe Ciminera), a wealthy real estate investor located in New York, is caught between reality and the supernatural. There he crosses paths with people who are in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Purification torrent reviews

Natalie D (br) wrote: Very much enjoyed, I feel educated. Honestly loved this movie, acting and everything was amazing. Mind blown.

Anthony D (gb) wrote: 'Guilty of love' or Guilty of Romance? One sounds rather better than the other, more mysterious. (Less accurate?) The starting voiceover sounded as though details being given about district with the greatest concentration of love-hotels were in spite of boredom ('romance-hotels' doesn't sound quite right - and 'love', anyway, is a poor euphemism), but maybe it was just meant to sound a matter-of-fact tone, perhaps as a bid (they did regularly crop up, not usually successfully) to wrong-foot the viewer. Maybe, having left only 70 minutes in, I am not in a position to judge, but this film just seemed like a whodunnit, and a not particularly interesting one (except for students of mutilation), but one with (attempts at) embellishments. Attempted, because the Effi Briest, Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, The Kreutzer Sonata sort of neglected wife with a boorish husband (and / or otherwise unhappy marriage) was only one sort of springboard into this 'adventure' for Mitzuko, and it was neither followed up, nor very convincing (e.g. the absence of her pre-existing life, except when - exceptionally awkwardly - some friends are produced and invited around for tea). The stupid husband seemed, from what I could judge from the subtitles, to be a celebrated writer, but actually, despite his airs, of Mills & Boon (perhaps where the romance comes in?), or maybe Alan Titchmarsh. (By contrast, Sleeping Beauty did not need an such excuse, and went straight in, not even via touting hot sausages in a supermarket, but with a proper waitressing job that was not enough to finance university and lifestyle.) Then, along with that Australian film, we move off into the territory of Buuel's Belle de Jour (frankly more challenging, after all these years (1967), than either), but only as a build-up for sexual liberation generally and, specifically, a cheap laugh about how doing a porno-shoot with a stud makes one better at offering hot sausages enthusiastically (those scenes, in themselves, were surely a surprise to no one, least of all Mitzuko). And that leads us into the domain (no going back) of casual sex, dressing differently / seductively, and the love-hotels about which we were so carefully told before. After that, and an autopsy complete with maggots, a crime scene with violently coloured pink paint, and a sex-scene in a show with the odd paint capsule thrown in, does one care much about where it is going or, more importantly, how it is going there? Well, I didn't, but I cared even less to hear what I am fairly sure was Wagner's Siegfried Idyll and Bach's works for cello accompany all this, and that, apart from not being interested in how it unfolded, was my main impulse for leaving. (Perhaps the incongruity would have been less for those who were unfamiliar with this, even so, admittedly well-known music, perhaps not, but it turned the switch to 'off' for me.) Or was this really an attack on the culural imperialism and globalism of the western world, disguised as a film? Certainly, there was little evidence of the restaurant and retail chains that dominate most cities. Certainly, we were being shown a culture particular to Japan in the love-hotel. Certainly, the western music of the baroque and the nineteenth century was being challenged to stand up against the most graphically demanding of bedfellows (and thereby proved that Bach is not, after all, strong enough to survive any treatment, even if that of Jacques Loussier were not enough to demonstrate otherwise), so maybe... Still don't care!

Dean M (it) wrote: The results are in: the Ultimate Bros vs 50 Cent face-off goes down in Blood Out, a vigilante blank which includes spaced Val Kilmer pretending to be Gary Busey. After his ne'er-do-well brother is executed by the drug dealers he works for (naturally, Vinnie Jones administers the kill shot), clenched cop Michael (Luke Goss) hands in his badge, swears murderous revenge - and gets slapped around by detective Fitty. Former Bros member Goss does repay Mr Cent, but we're still left shortchanged by a violent C-grade waddie through Michael infiltrating his bro's gang. Easier than how quickly this total stranger fights his way into the inner sanctum is the way you will walk away from such thickheaded, fist-brained filler.

Sean H (fr) wrote: Who doesn't like horror movies ? Right ? I do in fact I love horror films that's why I gave this movie 5 stars. It's a kind of movie that you would be freaked out at the edge of your seat . So pop the popcorn and relax and enjoy the movie.

Tim S (br) wrote: This quietly powerful film is about feeling 'lost' and disconnected from everything around you. It follows the story of a middle-aged world weary American actor, Bob Harris (Murray), and his impromptu friendship with the much younger Charlotte (Johansson), another lost soul after their paths cross while in Tokyo, Japan.

Stephen H (br) wrote: Very slow and boring.

Martin C (de) wrote: This movie is horrible.

Ian B (us) wrote: Typical Greenaway - a triumph of style over substance.

Chucky (jp) wrote: December 16th 2010April 15th 2015

Luke R (ag) wrote: Some of the scenes in this film are truly special. The iconic scene on the rooftops of the school is my favourite though. You can tell that Tarantino had a part to play in this film too. His stamp is well and truly on this with the amount of brutality shown.

Audun K (ca) wrote: Utrolig inflytelsesrik til og med paa norsk hip hop og musikkliv. Utolig kul i sin tid - i dag mer morsom naar det gjelder mote, musikk og skuespill. Men dansingen er uslaaelig. En hiphop musikal:)

Mike W (us) wrote: Patton may have a big mouth but he is an American hero and icon!

Sara C (ca) wrote: Ok good for the kids

Valerie P (kr) wrote: This is a stud of a movie, some might say that it's boring but I was enthralled during every second of it. I laughed, I was attracted to my main man Ewan, and I got emotional. I wish that it had more buzz surrounding it but I do my best to shove it down everyone's throats.

Kaung S (ru) wrote: It is stupidly slow-paced but this home-invasion film, Emelie remains elegant as the film climbs up to its peak.