Puro Mula

Puro Mula

Joel is a 28 year old slacker who gets up every morning to drink beer and play his guitar. His older sister interrupts his daily routine by asking him to take care of her 6 year old kid. Joel thinks he can handle it, but things get complicated when the kid disappears from the house.

Joel Fonseca is a 28 year old slacker who gets up every morning to drink beer and play his guitar. One day his routine is interrupted by his older sister who asks him to take care of her 6 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (it) wrote: The Fields was OK. Nothing special, but enjoyable. This is the story of a young boy being looked after his grandparents while his parents work things out. He was given one rule. Don't go into the corn field. So naturally he does and bad things begin to happen. This movie is interesting in that all of the 'horror' happens off screen, not even seen or even directly referenced. However, it is more from the point of view of this young boy and his handling of it, and trying to understand it. At the same time Charles Manson has just been caught and the media is having a hayday, which of course adds to the paranoia and fear of this boy.The story was good overall, and acting pretty decent.

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