A hard-hitting western drama starring Mitchum as an orphan raised by a feuding family who wants to see him dead.

Brought up by a neighboring family in the 1880s, an orphan grows up haunted by nightmares of a childhood trauma in which his own family was killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (gb) wrote: Un film que tous les orientaux devraient voir

John M (fr) wrote: It's stupid but one of the more clever stupid films out there

Augustine S (us) wrote: It's good but not the best

Jose C (gb) wrote: This movie was incredible, its crazy how Booby aka Rob Van Dam had a huge bounty on him and the way he overcame everyone and the forms he used his self defense from being in the navy seels, this movie is one of my top favorites now

Ilona V (us) wrote: I really enjoyed it.

Joseph L (it) wrote: Immensely better than Ang Lee's Hulk, but that's still not really saying much.

John W (au) wrote: Vengeance in the desert. A character driven film whose back story is revealed in flashbacks that slowly explains the relationship between the characters. All is not as it appears and the desert provides a great vast empty landscape for the story twists to play out and the suspense to build. Good psychological thriller and a great role for Lance Henriksen.

Chanel D (nl) wrote: HURRAH B-RATED MOVIES!!!!!

Patrick A (gb) wrote: Only the fight scenes were good, and the voice acting wasn't all that great

Art S (ca) wrote: Third film in which Kiarostami visits and films in the town of Koker in northern Iran. In the first film (Where is the Friend's House?), he dramatized life in the town using real kids. Then, in the early 1990s, there was a terrible earthquake and Koker was largely destroyed. Kiarostami returned to the town to try to find the boys who starred in his first film to see if they were still alive -- he filmed this using an actor to play himself on this quest in And Life Goes On. Now in Through the Olive Trees, he chooses a new actor to play himself shooting one scene from the previous film, unpacking it by showing the lives of two of the nonprofessional actors and how they were affected by the earthquake. This background adds a bit of drama -- the lead actor is persistently stalking the lead actress, seeking her hand in marriage. This causes problems for the film production. As usual, Kiarostami is playing with reality and illusion here (was this a real anecdote from the previous film? how much is staged and even if staged how much intersects with the actors' real experience? Most of the people in this town really did die in the earthquake). The final shot is justifiably lauded -- the lead characters become two white dots moving through a sea of green (and through the olive trees). We must deduce the conclusion to the story ourselves from the movement of these dots.

Jessina V (de) wrote: Very fun and silly. Robin Williams in the 80's how can you go wrong?

James H (es) wrote: 57/100. Doris Day's husband reveals a disturbing secret and then begins to terrorize her. This is one of Doris Day's few films I did not think was good. This thriller is just too melodramatic and far fetched. It is occasionally suspenseful but usually it is predictable. Some good cinematography though. Day even gets a bit annoying at times, and her performance is a little too over the top. The title song and the writing were nominated for Academy Awards.

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: Well, maybe this was Paul's attempt to show that he can also be a Bond, but that did not quite work out. Quite confusing at times, esp if you miss the opening sequence.

Wendy Y (ag) wrote: Very exciting! Although the technology now seems antiquated, the theme and message are still relevant...

Ryan H (us) wrote: To be honest, I don't feel like this movie holds up today like some 80's movies do. No longer an enjoyable watch.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: The original movie was better than this (much much better)

Ilja S (nl) wrote: Chan and Tucker, a realtionship in the making in 1998's Rush Hour. Action packed and entertaining. Even though I personally prefer the second part.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: Space Cowboys was a better movie than I thought it would be. Very cliche, a little nonsensical, underdeveloped as far as plot goes, definitely unbelievable, but much better than a kick in the pants.

Michael C (gb) wrote: A favorite. Gorgeous cinematography, beautiful music, great underrated performances especially Amy Irving and Mandy Patinkin. Than of course there is Barbra and while she gives a wonderful performance, despite much critism, what is most impressive is her work behind the camera. Technically the film is stunning.