Pursuit of Death

Pursuit of Death

Two old adversaries meet by chance in a rehab center and realize that the conflict which has dominated their lives since the Korean War has run out of road. Both men are in ruins. One is a former cop, the other a former communist guerrilla; the flashbacks to their sad backstories show Im's skill in anchoring the currents of modern Korean history in wrenching emotional drama.

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Axel C (ru) wrote: *sigh* in a time where Kristen Stewart could act...

Alexis G (fr) wrote: Loved it!, this is an authentic and solid drama with strong performances, especially from the deliciously charismatic Keri Russell.

Lo L (ca) wrote: The plot takes foorrreevvverrr to unfold. Bring your patience. Well acted. Though, if, like me, you don't care for Lukas Haas' acting- well, more of the same here. Adam Scott's a cutie but plays kind of a d**k here. And, oh yeah, the characters in this movie CANNOT STOP spontaneously jumping out of the row boat into the lake. They can't stop it anymore than they can stop time. I've never seen so many agitated, clothed lake jumps in my life.

Teela M (es) wrote: This movie was SOOO good... I cried though. I knew Jane was never married in real life and just knowing that she and Tom would never be together... it killed me. Anne Hathaway redeemed herself for a lot of things with this movie. Because of her portrayal of Jane, she's now one of my favs.

Agent Orange (it) wrote: Another fable (although adapted) from one of my favorite directors of all time, Shinya Tsukamoto. Even though Gemini might seem like a period piece spliced with Dead Ringers, it's still a worthy watch, although not my favorite.A military doctor treats patients in his hometown, but refuses to accept anyone from "the slums." However, life is good. He has a beautiful wife and is well off. However, things start to change when his parents drop dead by the hands of a man who looks strangely similar to their doctor son. Things also amp up because his wife is an amnesiac due to a raging fire that had killed off her entire family. Or did it? She doesn't remember.As usual, Tsukamoto shoots the film very well. And edits it very well. And produces it very well. And directs it very well. The lighting is also GORGEOUS in this. It's a worthy view for fans of Asian cinema, an even better one for Tsukamoto fans. Check it.

Luke B (ru) wrote: Rob Lowe is an overworked attorney in need of some Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, a young boy must come to terms with his terminally ill mother's condition. It's a highly manipulative piece of filmmaking. There's plenty of sad, crying speeches. It sucks out most of the emotion when it's trying so hard to upset it's audience. Luckily, their performances and Christmas cheer are enough to keep this film afloat.

Alexander E (it) wrote: one of my favorite films as a little kid. A sequel would be great.

Breesa B (jp) wrote: Quad chase = Awesome!

Ken T (es) wrote: Gabrielle...Awesome control freak. This movie had it all, better still it made me laugh...

Jarkko H (es) wrote: A bit strange and confusing All Dogs Go To Heaven would be a slightly more better if the plot is transformed by bit. The plot is quite valid, despite the confusion, because the main thing it is original but ingenious: snobbish stray dog ??is after money, but will also do a good deed to get to heaven. The film would perhaps be better if the dogs had replaced the people, but still really original idea for the whole family to a movie. The rest is really tragic and sad, but also happy, because the main hero is a hell to shun. Even though the songs seem at times irritating, yes at the end of the shockingly pink Halelujah vocal care of the rest. However, the plot of confusion is a problem.

Shyam H (kr) wrote: This was awesome. Prequel to men in black?

Paul D (fr) wrote: Character driven comedy around the skills of Leonard Rossiter, without him there is no movie, with him it is passable.

Bradley W (jp) wrote: Original. Emotional. Immersive. Graphic. Courageous.

Marco P (gb) wrote: It was long and flat. Pales in comparison to the gripping documentary West of Memphis.