Drugs, sex and the allure of fast money blur the boundaries between two very different societies in Miami. Joe and his two best friends, Kevin and Mickey, are struggling to get ahead, dissatisfied with their lives and current financial situation. When a package of ecstasy ends up in their possession at a nightclub, they are enticed by the prospect of scoring some fast cash. The three friends offer to distribute the drugs to their social, business and party contacts for a notorious neighborhood drug lord. Naive and encouraged by their initial success, the boys increase their distribution and quickly find themselves in over their heads with no way to turn back. As addictions take hold and their friendship begins to unravel, they find the lifestyle they have chosen may come at a very high price -- their lives.

Drugs, sex, and the allure of fast money blur the boundaries between two very different sides of society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl M (mx) wrote: It's an excuse for more David Brent anti-humor. Otherwise it's pointless. The other characters have only a hint of personality.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Bratty teen rebels against her stepmother while hanging around the beatnik crowd and the unsavoury Christopher Lee. Were there any films of the time that depicted the beat generation in a positive light?

Lindsay R (de) wrote: Hmm not great. Very silly action scenes and the story isn't enough to keep you watching. Not sure what this film wanted to achieve to be honest. Edinburgh looks nice though... i might steer clear of big houses at night time though

Dann M (mx) wrote: Dead Like Me: Life After Death is a fun and witty comedy, but has issues delivering a compelling story. This feature follows a group of grim reapers as they shirk their responsibilities and deal with the consequences. Several of the original series cast members have returned, including Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, and Britt McKillip, and are joined by a few new actors, including Sarah Wynter and Henry Ian Cusick. Unfortunately, the story isn't really congruent with the television series, as the characters have already dealt with most of these issues previously. The cast changes also disruptive the flow from series to feature film. Still, the film manages to recapture some of the clever wit and insightfulness that the show was known for. Dead Like Me: Life After Death is a fun and entertaining film, even though it has problems delivering something fresh and new.

Andy T (jp) wrote: Powered by Sean Penn's riveting performance, Milk presents a compelling story that focused on something that is still relevant to this day, even when its first half goes on for too long.

Brett H (gb) wrote: Babel is the third and final chapter in Alejandro G. Irritu's loose trilogy of films with interlocking stories and characters and while I haven't yet seen the previous two; I do hope they're not as pretentious and plodding as this film is. The film follows four separate tales of misfortune starting with two children in Morocco who randomly shoot at a bus and injure an American woman played by Cate Blanchett, whose husband, played by Brad Pitt has to then contact his Mexican nanny to take care of his children while he helps his wife, and then we meet a deaf/mute, Japanese teenager whose father technically got the entire ball rolling, but it honestly doesn't connect much more than that. This film clearly had good intentions and you can see the craftsmanship behind the camera, but its story is told so slowly and most of the characters are either unlikable or make the stupidest decisions possible, that it becomes hard to care about these people at all. The best (and strangely least connected) story about the oppressed, deaf/mute teenager in Japan breathes a bit of life into the proceedings and the direction of her scenes is flawless, but it too, also becomes one-note after a while. The film is acted well by everyone involved and it is by no means a "bad" movie, but it's a bit forgettable once all is said and done and it doesn't have as much to say about society as it thinks it does; the grim portrait it paints of the world uses VERY broad strokes.

Grant S (ru) wrote: So-so supernatural-mystery-thriller. Too many unnecessary twists and blind alleys. The supernatural stuff was vastly overdone: if it had stuck to being a mystery-drama it would have been much more believable and interesting.Decent performances from Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr. Penelope Cruz was wasted in such a minor role though.

Robert I (ag) wrote: A new Highlander film!? SOLD!

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/12/2010)

Arash X (gb) wrote: Like a poor dumb comedy version of Pasolini's Teorema

Kinohi N (us) wrote: Great fun: an insider's look into the normally reclusive life of Woody Allen. Kopple follows the legendary director and his then-fiancee Soon-Yi on his 1995 New Orleans jazz tour through Europe. This is a sensitive and illuminating portrait, one that shows Allen to be quietly funny and sincere (and not the depraved molester the media portrayed him to be). This movie needs to be released on DVD!

Miguel R (fr) wrote: While Sling Blade's ending may not be the most satisfying, you can't deny Billy Bob Thornton's stellar performance in the film which also marked his directorial debut

Eirin H (it) wrote: David Suchet is brilliant..

Amjad A (au) wrote: Brilliant, humorous, outrageous and incredibly different Hitchcock comedy. Hitchcock directs this film whilst he was in top form. Hitchcock in the 50s was at his best and this film reflects that.