Pushkin: Poslednyaya duel

Pushkin: Poslednyaya duel

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Pushkin: Poslednyaya duel torrent reviews

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Matt (fr) wrote: A good example of "spinach cinema"...you watch it because it's supposed to be good for you.

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Carlos E (de) wrote: Muchos, muchos tiros y muchos bostezos tambien... pelcula muy mala

Guillaume H (jp) wrote: The extreme bad does not exceed the very good. The bad : boy actor is adorable but beyond fake and Chris Sarandon is generally terrible, many lines are unbearably cheesy, the car chase is fun but truly stupid and there's a lot of dumb moves. On the bright side, its really fun, has an excellent progression, many ideas to keep it going, and hey, it became a classic so that's got to count for something. I just re-watched it as an adult for the first time after having seen it dozens of times as a kid and i like it just as much if not more.

Alex K (de) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Justin A (au) wrote: Russell Mulch showed a lot of promise with his first couple movies before going off the rails in the nineties. Highlander showcases some of his visual style, similar to the way Razorback did.It's supposed to be an epic, but it feels a bit disjointed, rushing through much of Connor MacLeod's history and dragging at the tail end of the movie when the "gathering" is supposed to take place. This is a movie that could have been twenty minutes longer or twenty minutes shorter, depending on what they wanted to do. If they wanted to make a present day battle of good vs. evil, then this movie needed to be shorter. If they wanted to do show the histories and struggles of Connor MacLeod, then it needed to be longer. Instead, it's kind of an awkward watch, jumping back and forth between time periods with little connection.The movie has okay action, but it's the visuals and fairly unique plot that make it stand out above most 80s action movies. Essential viewing for 80s action buffs.