Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

While being on the run for saving a mouse, the famous Puss in Boots, Pero, helps a young peasant boy win the heart of a lovely princess, while trying to rescue her from an evil wizard.

A swashbuckling cat helps a peasant boy rescue a princess from a wizard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Puss in Boots torrent reviews

Charlotte M (es) wrote: This is the most empowering movie of all time.

tannaa (mx) wrote: the most funny movie that i've ever seen in my whole entire life!

Paul D (au) wrote: I don't know why everyone hates this so much. I'd say more if people's dislike for Jim Carrey in a serious role has to do with their inability to see him as anything funny than his being unable to play anything serious. I love this movie. Screw the critics.

Daniel M (ag) wrote: I wanted to like this movie. Bob Dylan didn't really act throughout the movie, he just "acted" like his own weird self. The characters seemed one dimensional, they may have worked better in a Dylan song, and not a full length motion picture. For Dylan fans, you need to at least check this out. You'll never see Dylan like this again. It's ridiculous. He only speaks one liners through the whole movie. It's like he only talks in riddles. "I was killin' time, but in the end it was the time that was killin' me."

John L (nl) wrote: Like the message about American Capitalism, but other than that, eh.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Skips over portions of the story that really should have been fleshed out a bit, but the parts that are here are a pretty good revenge film with a bit more character than most.

Shantel D (ca) wrote: This was pretty entertaining, though it reminded me of something that I can't quite put my finger on. Saw, maybe?

Bloody P (nl) wrote: This movie was excellent! it had a few jump scares that shocked the crap out if me even if I knew they were coming or not. Also, I'm not into exorcism movies too much, but this one grabbed me. I also have attention problems, I can barely watch a full.movie at my own home due to getting interested in something else. I sat through this entire movie mezmorizes for the full length!

taylor (ru) wrote: Not the best movie that they made together but still is a really good movie that I would watch over and over. Good thing to cuz my mom bought it for me before I had watched. lol