Putaani Party

Putaani Party

A group of elected representatives of kids in a small village find their own voice when they outsmart their adult counterparts to set right those things that they think are undesirable to their constituency.

A group of elected representatives of kids in a small village find their own voice when they outsmart their adult counterparts to set right those things that they think are undesirable to their constituency. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry J (jp) wrote: "Boys Love" is filled with famous 'love' quotations which signal the beginning of an emotional arch or they are used as a scene transition. There is no question that the director, Kotaro Terauchi, put a lot of love and craftsmanship into this film. He said that neither he, nor his principle actors or crew were gay. He relied on research from reading and hanging out in gay bars. Given the huge population and severe competition actors must face in Japan, I wouldn't think of questioning the director's honesty. If the main actors are not gay, they put new meaning in the phrase, 'gay for pay' for not only are the kissing and love making scenes realistic, there is considerable nudity for a non-porn film. "Boys Love" is in no way pornographic. However formulaic the story is, the film makes the action in "Brokeback Mountain" seem almost slight. The film opens with a spectacular night shot of the city of Tokyo. The subway car is immaculately clean and only has two riders. They're very attractive and are holding hands -- looking very much in love. Cocktail or nightclub music plays when we shift to the first meeting between magazine editor Taishin Mamiya (wonderfully played by Yoshikazu Kotani) and bad boy model Noel Kisaragi (Takumi Saito). It takes place in an apartment Kisaragi's modeling agency supplies and is magnificently furnished. Mamiya is writing a feature story on the artistic nature of Kisaragi for the magazine, 'Splash'. It is his first big assignment as a reporter instead of as an editor. There is clearly chemistry between the two. The interview continues at a swanky restaurant where we get a dose of typical sit-com humor until Mamiya excuses himself to go to the rest room. Kisaragi follows him in and within a few moments has Mamiya in a stall ready to give him a blowjob! After having consumed a bottle of Dom Perignon, Mamiya is flabbergasted over his experience with Kisaragi. The next day he is still stunned as he thinks about his experience with Noel Kisaragi. As a ploy to see Mamiya again, Noel calls his modeling agency to complain about the treatment he received from the interview. He wants Mamiya to come to his apartment and apologize. When Mamiya arrives at the apartment, gift in hand, Noel answers the door naked, except for a sheet. Mamiya has come when Noel has finished up with an older man. Noel tries to seduce Mamiya once more only to be rejected. After this experience, Mamiya begs his publisher to have another reporter finish the piece -- even though 80% of the article is complete. The publisher agrees. In an attempt to get Noel off his mind, Mamiya gets drunk and beats on a punching bag. Nothing helps, so he returns to Noel's apartment only to find the third piece of our triangle, Chidori Furumura (Hiroya Matsumoto). Chidori is a classmate and childhood friend of Noel's. He is in love with Noel, although Noel doesn't think of Chidori in the same way. Mamiya talks with Chidori and finds out a great deal about the real Noel Kisaragi. Chidori's chat fills Mamiya with compassion and he goes to meet Noel at a swimming pool. They joke around the pool and make a strong connection. Noel starts to take school seriously. Chidori notices a change in Noel and starts to become jealous. He goes to Mamiya's apartment at 1:00 a.m. expecting to find Noel. When he doesn't, Chidori goes berserk. He steals a prized painting Noel drew many years ago and causes a major scene. Noel goes out and gets drunk. In this vulnerable state, he is bashed and raped. It is one of the most realistically violent segments I have ever seen on film. All of his modeling assignments get cancelled. Mamiya doesn't find out about the bashing until he reads it in the newspaper. When he rushes over to Noel's apartment, he finds Noel up to his old tricks. The remaining scenes are like a big sloppy, soapy melodrama. It may be pure soap and you might have some idea how the film ends but it is thoroughly delicious. You may consider this one of my biggest guilty pleasures, but if you like gay interest films I'm highly recommending you see "Boys Love". This one is not for the kiddies; nor is it recommended to any of your macho friends. For those who love sappy romances, and strikingly handsome Japanese males, you will have a special treat in store.

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