Puthukkottaielerenthu Saravanan

Puthukkottaielerenthu Saravanan


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Puthukkottaielerenthu Saravanan torrent reviews

Paul W (es) wrote: Drop 30 minutes in the edit, including the entire flashback setup and you might have had a rip roaring yarn with a few less yawns in it.

Leylani J (es) wrote: Too many films come out at Christmas these days with the same slapstick approach and lame story lines. This movie is not to be categorized with any of those. It has a wonderful story and is beautiful on the eyes at the same time. As serious as it gets sometimes, it does not forget its spoon full of sugar first. I was intrigued by the cast of characters and enjoyed the humor brilliantly placed throughout. There is something for everyone in this movie. A fine piece of film-making indeed.

Riccardo R (jp) wrote: Ci sono un pelino di incongruenze di troppo in questo thriller.Solitamente i film ambientati all'interno di un aereo bene o male funzionano... questo no.

Jonas T (gb) wrote: A good if standard thriller about friends going to Mexico to score drugs, and everything goes awry. Strong performances.

Augustine H (kr) wrote: Even if you are not a big fan of boxing movies, you can't forget the final fight between James Braddock and Max Baer.

Shubangi S (it) wrote: the final song "Don't look away... Don't look away!"They should be saying look away honestly!

Jamie C (br) wrote: Funny all the way through with some sick and brilliant stunts that will shock you and sometimes make you laugh until it hurts.

Picco P (it) wrote: Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen,

Cody C (br) wrote: Way more into this than I thought I'd be. Solid movie. Not a lot happens but the 2+ hours fly by. Simple story well-told and well-acted.

Troy N (nl) wrote: I probably need to rewatch it so I can pay attention closer. It's a tough movie to follow.

li b (it) wrote: I finally saw (most of) this on TV, a mere 26 years after its release. It goes without saying that I'm viewing it with different eyes/perspective than a late 80s audience would have, but I do think the commentary on class and opportunity actually does go beyond the obvious/surface. This helped me overlook the dubious 80s workplace romance plotline. Good enough.