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Puthumukhangal torrent reviews

William P (au) wrote: An unexpected role for the comedic legend Eddie Murphy. A key component is time; decades of familiar bonding not seen on screen. As Church's(Murphy) odd circumstances gave him a family, and a little girl a father.

Tammy L (br) wrote: Unlike most others, I truly enjoyed this quirky film! Miss Meadows was brilliantly portrayed by Katie Holmes and she's a never seen-before vigilante - overflowing with manners and charm-school etiquette, but full of darkness and secrets.

Eric O (nl) wrote: very cute and fun; though probably not fast-paced or flashy enough for kids to actually be a kids movie

DeAngelo J (ag) wrote: If Pattie LaBelle was my mama

Patrick C (it) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever!

Kenny N (ru) wrote: Open up this body bag and you'll find some truly eerie, sometimes funny, but always frightening scares. This made for TV movie that was supposed to be the jumping off platform for a horror anthology series that never happened has a lot to see-mainly a parade of horror's all time greatest directors making cameo appearances, as well as great actors and pop stars rounding out the cast. Some people dismiss this immediately as a "Tales from the Crypt" ripoff. To which I say, so? I don't care where I get my scares from. Besides, all of these great directors (John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, with cameos by Sam Raimi and Wes Craven) contributed to this. Now let's open up the bags! Bag #1: The Gas Station. A lonely woman working the graveyard shift (pun intended) at an all night pump and go in the middle of nowhere wonders which one of her many quirky (and at times unsettling) customers is the recently escaped mental patient whose been hacking his way around the desolate landscape-and if she's next. Bag #2: Hair! No relation to the musical. One of my all time favorite actors, Stacy Keach, plays a man obsessed with his disappearing hair who finds an all-too perfect solution. (heh heh heh). The first two bags were directed by Carpenter (who also plays our ghastly host). Now bag #3 is Tobe Hooper stepping up to bat and knocking one out of the park with "Eye," about a baseball player who loses an eye and, in an effort to save his career, undergoes an experimental eye transplant. He regains his sight, but begins to see things no person should be forced to see. Thanks to Scream Factory for digging this up (wink wink) so now this lost horror classic can be rediscovered and enjoyed by aficionados of scare and scare alike.

Timothy P (de) wrote: Taut thriller that doesn't rely on effects.

Jessi C (it) wrote: It was much butter than I hoped.