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Putin's Kiss

Masha Drokova joins Nashi, a Russian ultra nationalist youth group, at the age of 16 and rapidly ascends its ranks, famously garnering a medal and the opportunity to kiss Vladimir Putin. The film details her growing disillusion with the group's leaders and her falling in with the anti-Putin opposition, especially a journalist and blogger named Oleg Kashin, who gets brutally attacked.

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. . Masha. The movement aims to protect Russia against its 'enemies'. 19-year old Masha is a spokesperson in the government friendly and strongly nationalistic Russian youth organization, Nashi

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Users reviews

bobby w (gb)

Denzel was great in this movie but Ray Allen's acting is "plain"

Casey B (au)

I LOVE IT. . . . This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen

Dan H (kr)

One star for Farley

Goni G (gb)

This laughably bad but I say watch it its funny

Julianna S (de)

ice setting and I think good acting from the kids though. I wanted more substance to the whole thing. Interesting coming of age sorry but left something to be desired

Martin K (ru)

This was way to much gore for me and that made me really dislike it

Ricardo Junior S (mx)

reat stuff!. About the artist, but, most of all, the person Tupac Shakur. Frightening and absorving experience. A dive in a head of a great character and genius songwriter through his own words. Outstanding Academy Award Nominee documentary

Richard C (jp)

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stacy d (jp)

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