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Putlibai torrent reviews

Justine F (nl) wrote: This was the most dumbest and most cheesiest movie I have ever seen... very fake and dumb. Don't waste your time...

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This is an alright movie. Parts are very scattered while it tries to keep up with the bizarre moments that make the movie interesting. This could have been a lot better. The acting is pretty good for the most part. I personally liked Brittany Robertson's performance the most. Definitely worth the rent.

Justin S (mx) wrote: Interesting but not as good as Objectified

James G (it) wrote: clearly an art film...it's a slice-of-life film with little real resolution, which is fine if done right. The acting is pretty good, the storyline a bit sporadic. At times it reminded me of Revolver minus all of the action

Emily K (mx) wrote: i fucking love sara rue!

Sam B (it) wrote: A strangely entertaining and ominous slow-burn thriller, with the delightfully unnerving Sergi Lopez manning the helm with great competence.

Michael Kim (kr) wrote: FIVE STARS!! Wish I could give it six!! Chaos and catastrophe collide in this caustic Troma Team release. There's a murderer loose on the set of blind director Larry Benjamin's latest film. The gang's all here: Trent Haga, Debbie Rochon, and Troma's own Lloyd Kauffman are just part of an eclectic cast of freaks and geeks. A second viewing may be required to appreciate this one in a million film. Even if you think you're not easily offended, BE PREPARED TO BE OFFENDED!!! LET'S MAKE SOME ART!!

frederator d (mx) wrote: Like the naked gun sequels, they have the humor and the action to surpass movie goers but not enough to compare it to its predecessor's

Calum B (fr) wrote: I remember first watching this film when it premiered on TV in 1998 with my dad and I use to be terrified of it, having scary dreams that the Fisherman would hook me in my sleep. Now forwarding to 2014, 17 years later and I've just managed to buy this on DVD off Amazon due to it been discontinued. But after watching this film again tonight it brought back the memories of loving everything about it."I Know What You Did Last Summer" was a teenage psychological thriller written by Lois Duncan, but Columbia Pictures turned it into a slasher film on screen. This infuriated Duncan, whose teenage daughter was brutally murdered in 1989 (as of today, the case remains unsolved). It's a shame, because these changes hurt an already effective suspense thriller.Four high school friends, Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Barry (Ryan Phillippe) and Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) celebrate their last summer together. On the way home, they accidentally hit someone. Not wanting to give up their promising futures, they dump the body into the water, intending to carry the secret to their graves. One year later, it becomes clear that someone knows what happened.People have been calling this a slasher film, and really, this just isn't the case. For a would-be member of this genre, there's surprisingly little violence, and almost no gore to speak of (the film still deserves its R rating, however, because what violence there is, is pretty intense). The film fits better into the psychological thriller genre, and that's a good thing, because the story is the strongest part of the film.The acting is surprisingly good. All the actors are able to show the effects of keeping a secret like this. None of their lives has turned out the way they thought they would, and their friendships are at best estranged. It's an interesting exploration that is often left ignored in most films of this ilk, especially ones geared towards teens. The actors are good enough to make this credible, and as such, it adds a level of verisimilitude to the film.I was surprised at how effective this film was. Based on his later film, "D-Tox," Jim Gillespie appeared to have absolutely no talent in creating tension. This film is consistently suspenseful, and the ending still surprises me when I know what's coming."I Know What You Did Last Summer" has been compared to "Scream," which was also written by Kevin Williamson (this film was written before "Scream," but was only put to film after "Scream's" blockbuster success). Altogether they are different movies. "Scream" is a horror movie through and through; this is a suspense story with horror film elements.Because of the film's other successes (such as the aforementioned exploration of the characters' relationships post-trauma), I was going to give the film an 8 despite the suspense not being as high as some other films I have given the same rating. But the final scene is horrible. Not only does it not make sense, it completely abandons the credible mental stress that was present throughout the previous 90 minutes.Still, I highly recommend the film, even if you're not a slasher film fan.

James H (ag) wrote: 63/100. Dabney Coleman has always had a gift for comedy, and he is terrific in Short Time. It is a very enjoyable and entertaining movie, nothing too deep, but the premise is funny, it's well cast and combines comedy and action very well. The car chase scene with Coleman is hilarious. Nicely done, light and fun.

Kojo O (nl) wrote: The best romantic comedy ever made. The most realistic and honest depiction of single relationships in your early to mid twenties.

Robert G (ag) wrote: I wanted to like it, but nothing ends up playing out.

Mike B (de) wrote: STUNNING performance of a bent, twisted, and corrupt cop, flawlessly portrayed by Gary Oldman. Olin is sexy and wonderful. But back to Oldman... WOW.