• Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Itachi8x
  • Country:France
  • Director:Pascal Aubier
  • Writer:N/A

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Puzzle torrent reviews

Denny A (de) wrote: Really enjoyable film. Markees Christmas does a spectacular job as Morris, and Craig Robinson is really enjoyable as his dad. Anyone who had, or avoided, misadventures as a teen will dig this.

Keaton B (de) wrote: Visually stunning, beautifully animated, and impeccably adorable, this animation classic joins the ranks of other brilliant, subversive, non-Disney animated films. A must-watch.

Sabrina A (ca) wrote: Nooo please not 30 nights of paranormal activity everybody will go insane if they start watching this crud in there spare time (seriously!) save yourselves from the insanity!

Aure E (ca) wrote: Loved it. I jumped at the end cuz the slushies looked like they were coming at us.

Cort J (kr) wrote: A fine HK film but has a really slow "middle"

Christophe R (es) wrote: Beautiful! Serious and quite realistic even if (or perhaps because of) clichs... Except when HE is sleeping with HER: I was chocked! ;)


Ro M (nl) wrote: Grim but worthwhile.

Marvin B (jp) wrote: It's like seeing a pocket story book come to life. Provides some good cinematic visuals but the plot is just terribly dreadful.

David A (es) wrote: Some jokes get tired really fast, but thanks to Leslie Nielsen's comedic timing and a fun script, "The Naked Gun" is a great parody film that doesn't utilizes pop-culture references, but, instead, focuses on creating its own thing. Very humorous indeed.

Greg W (it) wrote: awesome noir from the first cycle

Ben T (nl) wrote: Decent time travel film. Fun for the teenage demographic.

Purple S (ru) wrote: There's a lot of bad ratings for this movie but I really enjoyed it. I felt the emotions and fear of the characters and the dashes of comedy make it even better. The acting wasn't brilliant but it was still a really enjoyable movie!