Puzzled Love

Puzzled Love

Sun from Chicago (USA) and Lucas from Mallorca (Spain) meet each other in a students's flat in Barcelona. They fall in love and try to enjoy it without thinking of their separation at the term's ending. Will their love prevail?

Sun from Chicago (USA) and Lucas from Mallorca (Spain) meet each other in a students's flat in Barcelona. They fall in love and try to enjoy it without thinking of their separation at the term's ending. Will their love prevail? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (us) wrote: In my opinion, there aren't many comediennes out there that are actually funny. I'll give you Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Mychelle Vasvary and....um....hmmm....that's about it really that I can think of. Jenny Slate is kind of funny I guess and she's got nice hooters but her face is really weird looking. This movie has a few "cute" moments but it's not really something I'd ever want to watch again. Gaby Hoffman grew up to be ugly as fuck by the way. If anything this movie just reminded me I really need to give comedy a try someday. Soon.

Russell R (ru) wrote: OMG terrrible film (All Superheroes Must Die) lame

Brian C (kr) wrote: Props for being different and pursuing some original ideas. That being said, what is theoretically interesting becomes ... just a lot to deal with. There are some really sweet, wonderful moments and some funny moments; and then some incredibly dark and violent and over-the-top gruesome moments. It has some third-act problems in particular. It's just kind of all over the place tonally and logically.

Ray S (gb) wrote: I totally forgot about that filmed until 15 minutes into the filmed. When that snapped back into my head, I remember the TV spots. I didn't know he directed a film. Laura gave it to her as a birthday present along with the soundtrack of the film. Hoffman's film is a nice one. It's sweet, tender but can be aggressive. It's like a person who can snap when they hold all their emotions together. The dinner scene with all the major characters is a perfect example. I was impressed by the film in terms of acting, writing direction and cinematography. Apparently, it's an adaption from the stage-play. I can see that. It makes sense. The key scenes do they place at enclosed areas. Mostly houses. What I loved about the film are the montages and acting. The cinematography comes in full effect in those montages. They look amazing. Ethereal. I like how Hoffman intertwined reality and fantasy within the frame. It's pretty creative. Hoffman understands the frame. He understands the characters and their struggles. Hell, he's an actor and stars in the film. He has a great understanding of the story. The characters deal with the closeness of their friends and loved ones. There's alienation. There's unity in an awkward sense. Some couples match through their awkwardness. You might see that they don't match, but it's their vulnerability that gives it away. The more open you are, the more you're viable for a genuine connection wit another human being. The married couple is a mess that imploded. They're not open unless they are induced with drugs. I wish the film was a bit longer. It's too short for a drama. Even though it's hard to adapt stage-plays. I know that there's a lot to the characters. Exploration is needed. I felt there was some things that needed to have happened. Not a bad film at all. The things that I look for when I watch a film were mostly there. It's a sensitive film. I was amazed on his acting. His character is this timid fella who listens to his favorite song whenever bad shit happens. He keeps to himself but is very open for anything. He is smart but allows help from his friends. He's also pretty nice. He thinks of others. He's a guy you would love to have as a friend. I hope Hoffman's next film is as good as this one or even better. I'm sure he's gonna push for the latter. He has the skill and the crew for it. That is, if he works with the same cinematographer.

Matt G (ru) wrote: I'm not sure I've seen a movie so painfully honest about the reality of history, allowing blood and sweat to cover over the regal-tendencies of these kinds of period pieces. A beautifully shot and scored film that captures the epic scale of being on a ship with awe and reverent fear, all with some pretty spectacular battle scenes. Blandly vanilla in story and theme, but otherwise pretty great.

Michael M (au) wrote: Oh dear.Here's the modern version of Everyman, I suppose.Just the sheer amount of energy involved in this is maddening. These people actually build a house! Imagine if that energy were put to good! But I suppose they think that energy is being spent for good. Oh well.Good job reenacting the video for Jeremy guys.Watching them pitch and make this Hell House is part waiting for Guffman and part anal rape."Playing magic and other role playing games.""It's called Magic. The Gathering.""Playing magic and role playing games.""The game is called Magic. The Gathering.""What?""Magic. The Gathering.""Playing magic and other role playing games.""Magic. The Gathering.""Playing The Gathering.""Magic. The Gathering.""What?""Just write magic."If only this much energy could be spent on some dumb Tennessee Williams play.This is much better than Jesus Camp, however. At least we're getting the human side of these misguided mongoloids. Also, Rohypnol is like taking a lot of nyquil...; )

Imani B (us) wrote: Adorable love story; I love the character Nina, played by Jennifer Tilly. As Anna's blind sister, she really opens Anna's eyes to what life is really about. The only film I liked Jude Law in. A must-see.

Krystal C (jp) wrote: This movie is simply amazing and well done. It's an adaptation of a stage play. The movie is a filming of the play with twists and edits, but shot mainly on the stage. A really excellent take on the zoot suit riots with great songs and well put together dance numbers. A film everyone should see.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: This is one of those rare films that is truly good and truly bad at the same time. It's good because it is an essential watch for those interested in World War II and Hitler's rise to power before it. It is a powerful, potent piece of Nazi propaganda that subliminally implants messages in your brain. Every shot in the film means something, as banal as it may look. The bad thng about the film is how we now know everything the man is done, and the movie is now hard to watch. Seeing thousands of German citizens be enamored of Hitler is quite disturbing for anyone nowadays, no matter where you live.

Grant S (br) wrote: 1864. Lt John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) of the Union Army distinguishes himself in battle and as a reward is offered any post he likes. He chooses to go out west and is posted to Fort Hays in Kansas. From there he is ordered to Fort Sedgewick, the remotest outpost in the region. He finds it deserted and through a series of unfortunate circumstances he is stranded at the fort with nobody knowing that he is alone there, or even there. He meets his neighbours, the local Sioux tribe, and slowly gains their respect and friendship...Well-intentioned but badly executed. After all the westerns showing Native Americans to be nothing but savages, a movie humanizing the Native Americans was due. Dances With Wolves may be one of the first movies to have a balanced approach in that regard.However, that's where anything positive about this movie ends. The actual execution is quite bad. Director Kevin Costner turns what should have been a profound 2-hour journey into a 3-hour ordeal. Every scene is drawn out to the maximum and many scenes are there as padding making the move slow, dull and overly long. As director he also favours long, drawn-out close-ups of the lead actor, who happens to be himself. Seems incredibly self-indulgent, slowing the movie down further and detracting from the plot.Moreover, the whole tone is so preachy, moralising and pretentious. Turns what should have been a natural lesson to audiences into a soap-boxing sermon.Undeservedly won the 1991 Best Picture Oscar. How this won over Goodfellas I don't know. Might be the Academy's dislike for Martin Scorsese or the fact that they tend to prefer preachy movies.

Joey Q (us) wrote: Leonardo dicap and Daniel day lewis star in this masterpiece. A compelling story makes you appreciate and feel connect with both. From the opening battle to the climatic closing this movie is worth every second.