In a post apocalyptic world where technology is outlawed, Walter, a reclusive scientist, secretly creates a self-aware android, "Puzzlehead". Jealously erupts when Puzzlehead wins the affection of Julia, the beautiful shopgirl that Walter has longed for. The resulting sci-fi love triangle is a Frankensteinian fable that traps all three in a web of deception and the ultimate betrayal.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:scientist,   android,   chess,  

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Nabeel T (us) wrote: Selfishness meets fears in an innocent manner in this movie of Kiarostami...Love to see the early movies of this great Maestro...

Ben T (ca) wrote: very sensitive yet soft comedy, first time i watched a movie on gays, the first legal gay marriage in madrid,etc....but their mothers and their experiences were sweet...

Dan Y (ru) wrote: Made four years prior to the L. Ron Cruise version, and clearly produced for German television, yet it almost effortlessly beats the 2008 one. Nearly anyone would have surpassed Cruise's formulaic performance, but Sebastian Koch not only gives a more convincing Claus von Stauffenberg due to being German and speaking it, he's simply an all around better actor. No wonder he's been in Black Book and Lives of Others, two of the most powerful foreign movies I've ever seen. This Valkyrie does not have the Hollywood glitz that the other does, with a bunch of competent supporting actors turning a true story into yet another vehicle for Mr. Scientology to act the same way he always does, regardless of the role. Operation is stripped down, to the point and tackles the build up of tension in a different manner. It's less about Stauffenberg's bitterness over his injuries and simply going along with what others' approach him with. This Stauffenberg sees the horror that is being visited upon innocent people by order of Hitler, is disgusted by it and chooses to do something about it. It is mere chance that he came into the assassination plot circle, as he met one of the generals who espouses the same views in a mens room. Another different aspect is Stauffenberg's family, as his wife is exactly the opposite of supportive here rather than standing by him in Cruisery. It's not because she disapproves of his plans, but that she is upset that his sense of duty is overriding his dedication to her and their children. An understandable grievance. The final half hour (it's only about 90 minutes) is where all of the build up explodes into the aftermath of what they thought was the successful assassination of Hitler, and the ensuing heartbreak that their plan failed.

Justin C (au) wrote: Ok generally I like funny campy science fiction fantasy movies regardless of the quality. Actually there are very few movies I dislike period. However, this is one of them. Dennis Hopper is such a horrible actor he makes those around him in this movie look like A list talent. Skip this and go watch Ice Pirates or something.

Alex G (gb) wrote: The wildest and craziest film out there. It is unlike anything that has ever existed before it. It literally bombards you with the nonsensical world it presents. It never lets up. Nonsense at its absolute best.

Phillip B (ca) wrote: oh yeah, gotta have a light on or someone with you when you watch this one.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Friday, March 16, 2012 (1959) Floating Weeds (In Japanese with English subtitles) DRAMA Directed by Yasujir Ozu and labelled as a remake of the 1934 silent version called "A Story Of Floating Weeds" with a whole new cast with Ganjir Nakamura as Komajuro leading a small theatre group entertaining villagers from village to village. For the the leader intentions for this particular visit to this particular village was to see his one of old flames who also happens to be the only one who carries his well groomed son but poses as his uncle. Komajuro's current mistress, the one who he's currently travelling with becomes rather jealous about this since as the film progresses spends a great portion of time with his son rather than spending any time with her motivating her to ask the young female teenage troupe to sabotage this father/ son. Colorful making the most of it's surrounding areas, I have to say that the original one is slightly better in the storytelling department since the young boy travelling with the troupe is an absolute standout in the original is almost absent in this film focusing more instead on the effect the lead character has on his biological son as well as others. 3 out of 4 stars

Brad S (us) wrote: This was actually my first time watching this so I don't have any fond memories of watching it as a kid, so I am viewing it with a more critical eye and it just doesn't hold up for me. I love Ray Harryhausen, but the visual effects didn't work for me here, and the acting is terrible. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into this one one. Skip it.

Olivier B (de) wrote: Zack Snyder brings us a zombie movie that's better than many zombie movies actually, with over-the-top action sequences and with some original moments. The first 10 minutes and the last half-hour are outstanding!

Miranda C (ca) wrote: looks funny on phone app 7/9