Pyar Ki Kahani

Pyar Ki Kahani

Although well qualified, Ram Chand is unable to obtain suitable employment, and works as a peon in an organization. One day he meets with Ravi Chand, who is on the verge of committing ...

Although well qualified, Ram Chand is unable to obtain suitable employment, and works as a peon in an organization. One day he meets with Ravi Chand, who is on the verge of committing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giorgio G (es) wrote: Jackie Chan is Jackie Chan is Jackie Chan!!! Even at 62 (61 during the filming) he does most stunts himself and one wonders how many lives this guy has. He's got another 3 movies already in the planing. So unless he is hit by another helicopter we can expect more fun to come. I really enjoyed this one! He is funny as always, and supported by Knoxville, who we all know by his Jack Ass series, can also take a beating, makes this movie a pleasant flick to while away two hours. Besides the typical funny Kung Fu action (which, according to what I read last night, he himself invented), the movie is full of wonderful sceneries from Hong Kong and Macau to Mongolia, China and Russia. Jackie might show some age in his face, but his movies never get old. 6 1/2 out of 10 points.

John M (es) wrote: It's a crazy story with a crazy character Jim Carrey plays in here and I like how kind of ridiculous and satirical it is but also has really heartfelt and emotional moments. The relationship between him and Ewan McGregor feels very brief, and it seems to focus on more of the scams Jim Carrey does with too much voiceover and exposition but it's very original stylistically.

bob w (kr) wrote: it can't even be called a spoof it's so bad. of course, in keeping with the times, it contains an ample amount of teen fornication and mammary aerobics. the on-liner quipping werewolf was a novelty touch. as in all good 'wolf venues, the legacy is passed on, but to a simpler, droller and less whimscal recipient.

Chris S (au) wrote: Really well written, wonderful beginnings. The only thing is you want to know what else happens to these characters and we never do. love actually managed to have multiple stories and so why can't this tie up a least some of its lose ends. I'd love to know what happened to these stories that were started but never finished.

Buddy K (ca) wrote: Prophetic of Obama getting elected I suppose but that actually happening sort of takes the zaniness out of a movie about (GASP) a black man running for President. There's also not many parallels other than skin color and party because the Chris Rock character is portrayed as sort of a common man's president. As for the actual film, I did not care for it, the humor is flat, the satire uninspired and it parades around so many black stereotypes (and other stereotypes too) that you're surprised to see that not only was it written by somebody who is not an ignorant white southern person but Chris Rock himself wrote and directed it. Perhaps people will stop portraying African Americans as broad stereotypes once white people stop laughing at it and once African Americans stop portraying themselves as such.

Val N (us) wrote: What can I say, it's Alan Rickman it has to be good.

Toby J (ag) wrote: Amusing and delightful. Bill Murray is fantastic in this one. So funny, whilst generally quite nice and gentle.

Raven C (au) wrote: i want to see this movie i think this movie is great

Brian P (es) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

jay n (nl) wrote: Errol has one of his best roles here. How much is truth who knows but its well played and Alexis Smith is incredibly lovely.

Brad S (au) wrote: The script is pretty weak for this one so some decent actors are wasted. I get what they were going for with this comedy about teenage female assassins, but it doesn't work. One of the big jokes that they beat to death is that the lead played by Hailee Steinfeld starts at a new school and says she is from Regina, Saskatchewan and then she is subsequently called Regina and/or Canada, it's just not that funny and they really stretch it out. I think with a little tighter, there could've been something here, I can see what they were trying for, making it seem that highschool can be tougher than being an International assassin. Too bad, missed opportunity.

allie s (ag) wrote: really fun movie, for any elvis fan. the cast, and directing are great. obviously it is a fairy tale, but a good one. check it out

Maria V (it) wrote: Charming, delightful...a treat! Rock Hudson was a truly gifted comedian and his chemistry with Doris Day remains unrivalled.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Agent Cody Banks is fun but it lacks real surprises.