Pyar Ki Pyas

Pyar Ki Pyas

Geeta, a five-year old orphan of Seva-Kunj, gets adopted by wealthy Asha and Ashok Gupta, believes them to be her missing birth parents, and moves in with them in their palatial house.

Geeta, a five-year old orphan of Seva-Kunj, gets adopted by wealthy Asha and Ashok Gupta, believes them to be her missing birth parents, and moves in with them in their palatial house. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deepak M (ca) wrote: This is the first movie from Uruguay that I'm watching. Really sweet movie with an ending I loved. Great performance by Horacio Camandule. [Language: Spanish]

Mason P (au) wrote: Good, but overall kind of a waste of time.

Don S (de) wrote: I like exorcism movies, but this one offers nothing that hasn't been done before. The story is lackluster and the effects are only fair. Nothing to see here.

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Martin T (au) wrote: All of the stories are pretty good, except the fourth which involves some villagers making a whole lot of fuss over where they can bury their dead. My favorite was the third, about a potter who gets himself stuck in a jumbo-sized olive oil jar. I also thought the epilogue was incredibly beautiful. It's all very well done, and the music by Nicola Piovani is majestic and sublime. A little on the slow side, perhaps, but an improvement of the self-conscious Night of the Shooting Stars.

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