Pyare Mohan

Pyare Mohan

The blind Pyare (Fardeen Khan) and the deaf Mohan (Esha Deol) have mastered their disabilities with each other's help. But now, the inseparable duo faces their greatest challenge: helping each other find true love. Enter Preeti (Amrita Rao) and Priya (Boman Irani), who lead our heroes on a song-filled quest for romance in this light Bollywood musical comedy, which features the memorable tagline: Love is blind ... and deaf, too.

India's underworld is ruled by Don Tony Fernandez and his brother Tiny. Tony decides that he has had enough, goes to confess in a Church, kills one of his men, and then gets himself killed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pyare Mohan torrent reviews

Kseniya R (jp) wrote: Magical due to Kaya Scodelario

Tutti D (kr) wrote: bad writing and acting. had to shut it off quite early.

William S (it) wrote: This is a f*cking MASTERPIECE. A Southern, backwoods Kubrick-esque classic. See this film!

Michal (br) wrote: Mno... uprsk film z opa?nho pohledu. Sv?t ovldli up?i a lid ubvaj a tak se s tm mus n?co d?lat. Npad zajmav, ale celkov? je to b?kov film jak vyit, v?etn? kbl? krve ltajc vzduchem. Ani Dafoe to nezachrn. :-)

Christopher L (ru) wrote: The funniest movie I've seen so far this year - far better than the overrated "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It's hilarious and surprisingly uplifting, dealing with acceptance and individuality with the least possible amount of ham-handed schmaltz. I loved it.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: Wow, Maggie Gyllenhaal is absolutely brilliant in this emotional character study about an ex junkie who upon release from jail tries to turn her life around and get custody of her young daughter that barely knows her. Interesting hints of abuse from the father and all-round messed up family relationships. So many layers to this movie that wouldn't have been visible without Maggie G's staller performance. I also enjoyed seeing another side of Danny Trejo who doesn't just "machete" stuff here, he can really act. Always good to see Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) as well. Gritty, unflinching indie film that surprised me. 10.13

Thrse F (de) wrote: Not at all interested

Troy O (ca) wrote: This was Brutally awesome

Andrew U (au) wrote: The first act is brilliant; the second and third acts, not so much. But even in the film's lowest points, the lingering sense of camp and strong performance from Justin Long help to keep you invested until the harrowing end.

Mrio Antnio M (jp) wrote: Divertido filme sobre dupla de golpistas portenhos. Vale a pena conferir.

Mitchell M (mx) wrote: David Tennant accomplishes what very few actors have ever done by giving us a brand new take on the Prince of Denmark. Sir Patrick Stewart is a chillingly gregarious King in this top flight production.

Dena S (de) wrote: bleh~all i have to say is that rourke is handsome <3

Andi (nl) wrote: Man, I love the book. I hope the movie is like it.