Pyasi Sham

Pyasi Sham

Raja lives an upper middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with his sister, Laaj, and runs an audio store 'Musicals'. He is a close friend of Ashok, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Worli...

Raja lives an upper middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with his sister, Laaj, and runs an audio store 'Musicals'. He is a close friend of Ashok, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Worli... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha E (ca) wrote: best movie ever. It gave me chills. I like the unicorns, it was a nice touch. Also i heard something about an Asian, so ya 2 thumbs up! The one thing you could fix is your lack of midgets, mama likes her midgets! This movie was however, very high on the tomatometer. Just add more balloons, good job!

Dan H (ag) wrote: Insidious Chapter 2 does away with the haunted house style of filmmaking and instead decides to try its hand at being a supernatural thriller. It fails. It is incredibly stupid, silly, and campy (Confusingly, there is also A LOT of found footage style shots). The script is of a fairly poor quality. I do appreciate that it explains what we saw occur at the end of the first film, but everything else about this film is just not good. Insidious Chapter 2 tries to wrap up all the loose ends from the first film, but does so in a clumsy manner so that it gets caught in it's own strings (embarrassing. The last act is very confusing and nonsensical as well. We also spend too much time in The Further.). Insidious Chapter 2 does try to be scary, atmospheric, and creepy, but fails. The humor here doesn't usually work (There was some attempts at humor in the previous film, but it feels like there is more here and that they are trying harder. It just doesn't work). Insidious Chapter 2 is a large step down from it's predecessor. This sequel seems to be heavily watered down to appeal to mass audience, a big mistake. It feels like James Wan and team are playing around with ideas and ways to make this film different (and indeed, Insidious Chapter 2 does feel almost playful at times), but unfortunately nothing really gels together, the ending is VERY dissatisfying, and I only got chills or scared a handful of times.I also didn't like the backstory of The Black Bride from the first film here (Guess what? It's silly, stupid, and campy....just like the film itself). Let's not draw this thing out any longer: Insidious Chapter 2 is not a good film. This could have been a really interesting and scary ride, but somewhere something went wrong (maybe Wan and crew's hearts just weren't in it this time around). When you look back at what came before, you can't help but leave very, very disappointed. What a shame.

Emily S (us) wrote: At first I wasn't liking the movie. The first scene tells you it's set in 1940 Nazi Germany, then she gets out of bed and checks a dating website on her laptop. It seemed like someone with very little history knowledge just wanted to do a WWII hero movie with a vampire twist. But I'm not one to give up on a movie five minutes in. Filled with all its ridiculousness and only one actor on and off attempting to due a German accent, I first started to laugh when the resistance fighters and Blubberella are walking through a snow covered field and a man in a giant fish costume falls over and struggles helplessly. There is no explanation for this incident, it's just one of the many random funny things that happen. The movie also does many paradies and references of movies and tv shows. Towards the end I was laughing hysterically. It is in fact a cleverly done comedy. I would recommend it to anyone old enough (swearing, sexuality) to watch it.

Christian C (gb) wrote: A creepy and unsettling film. Robin Williams' performance was excellently suited to the character in this suspense film. I only wish we could have seen more of Sandra Oh.

Sara K (ca) wrote: Ive seen it once before and it has become a new favorite! great cast and a great, honest and real plot line!

Paul J (ca) wrote: The BBFC banned this film and I can certainly see why. Now to clarify, we're talking about the Director's Cut which is hard to find and is considerably different (and far more nasty) than the commercial Lions Gate release. Simply put: this is the best Video Nasty in over 30 years. It is one of those rare horror films that lives up to its reputation. Three labs refused to process the film. The producers, cast and crew were all arrested. It is the most expensive independent horror film in history - costing two million. It is as brutal as any horror film ever gets. Especially in its treatment of children. That said, I cared deeply for the little girl and wanted desperately for her to survive. The film doesn't pull any punches and has a ton of brutal sexual violence and a bucket full of gore. The acting is believable and there are at least a a dozen scenes that would normally be banned and considered way too over-the-top. Ultimately, it's a horrible experience but easily one of the greatest and most accomplished video nasties I have ever seen. Argento, Polanski, Hooper & Herzog are all thanked. I can certainly see the Argento influence, especially in the music and colors. Also, the first scene is an homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bottom line: if you want to know what a serial killer's life is like, then check out the director's cut of this nasty little horror film. It doesn't get better (or worse) than this.

Jonathan P (fr) wrote: It's funny bcause it is true. My dad never got into the derby (of course i hated scouts so he never really had a chance) but a lot of parents I know took over their kids cars. Some of the acting is really funny one big let down is the big billing of Mr. Miagi (crap I can't remember his real name and am too lazy to look it up). The vibe is that he is on screen quite a bit and has an important role, truth is he is on screen for less than 3 min. and could have been cut and not lost a thing to the script. Still don't hesitate to watch this as a family activity it is good clean fun.

MF J (it) wrote: I've seen quite a bunch of films from the old veteran Woody Allen but I must say this one was quite light in his filmography. It's not a bad film but it's very casual & feels deja vu. It felt like mister Allen had an artistic breakdown & just directed this one on cruise control.... too bad , but i'm sure the next one will be better.

Chelsea C (es) wrote: I'm rewatching this movie on television right now, and I'm quite miffed I don't know where the remote is. The acting is mediocre, and though the concept has potential, the story is uninteresting.

Alex V (ca) wrote: It's simply like "Ok, we get it, move it along!", yet still snooze button and pointlessness. Meh.

Chris Z (nl) wrote: This is kind of a mess of a movie, and unfortunately heaps more confusion on the situation than anything. It has a clear perspective, arguing ATF and FBI incompetence and cover-up, but unfortunately its main tool of reaching this conclusion is inference and emotion. It leaves major holes in the story, and doesn't really clarify anything in a definitive fashion. Most of the accusations are not unreasonable, but they are also often weakly supported, and rely on the fact that there are so many small plausibilities to build an overarching portrayal of government criminality and incompetence. On the other hand, one is left also wondering what other police response would have been warranted or expected after the initial deadly gun battle? An important perspective to see, though as a historical inquiry it leaves Waco as convoluted a story as ever with no clear conclusions.At the end of the day, though, I'm left with one unambiguous conclusion: cults are bad news. Be they religions cults, or the cult of police power.


Private U (de) wrote: Pretty much one of the best films ever made. It's dramatic, tense, romantic, thought provoking and altogether hilarious!

Raji K (it) wrote: In Allen's Love and Death, Allen parodies the 19th century era along with various Russian literature. Although I am not familiar with these books, I still found this movie to be funny. He has many great lines, and so many of jokes are so quick you have to listen attentively to this film.

Clay B (us) wrote: BRIGHTY OF THE GRAND CANYON (1967)

Peter C (fr) wrote: cheesy subject matter done with utmost seriousness, and it works. peter cushing elevates all around him!

Philippe W (ca) wrote: an despicable context and a fantasic cinemato graphical piece.a film you really going to hate finding well made

Carlos M (es) wrote: It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful autobiographical delight that has a wonderful soundtrack - oh man, isn't the soundtrack just wonderful! - and a wonderful ensemble cast that makes everything so funny, sweet, moving and tremendously charming.

James B (es) wrote: after only seeing a few Stalone and schwarzenegger was fun action movie...although not a blockbuster..what do you expect..thanks channel4uk

Kevin S (ca) wrote: Great corporate humor, laughed a lot on the work lives of cubicle people.