Three youths camping out in the desert run afoul of a psychotic firebug obsessed with turning women into sacrificial "butterflies."

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John D (kr) wrote: I guess I'm in the minority when I say I kinda liked this. Granted, Charlie Sheen can't act and the supporting cast is wasted and you never get any glimpse into the character of Ivana and the whole movie just seems to be an excuse to show off some cool graphic artwork, but I sort of enjoyed the playful Fellini-inspired (ripped-off) moments of reality and fantasy. I wish more modern American movies would do this.

Zack F (gb) wrote: Why Stop Now is an uncomfortable blend of drug addict drama and zany comedy that has no clue how to maintain a tone. Jesse Eisenberg does his best with the material, but the world around him is just far too crazy.

Christopher G (ru) wrote: This is an odd movie where not much really happens. There are lots of long tracking shots and very little background or payoff.

S S (es) wrote: I actually liked this...a lot! It was funny and I was not bothered by the length too much cuz the humor was evenly placed and the story didn't drag too much. 8/10

Anna Q (ca) wrote: I loved this movie when I was eleven.

Randy T (fr) wrote: Love the story but to Much useless moment

David W (jp) wrote: Has a sitcom feel, but Nia Vardalos's script and character make My Big Fat Greek Wedding a worthwhile rom-com

Raya P (us) wrote: Can't believe I haven't seen this one before. It is very simple and by the book, but the characters are relatable andthe story progresses at a good pace, so I can see myself re-watching it in the future.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Where did this come from? Steiger is stunning and the intensity is unlike anything from the era.