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A young district attorney seeking to prove a case against a corrupt police detective encounters a former lover and her new protector, a crime boss who refuse to help him.

A young district attorney seeking to prove a case against a corrupt police detective encounters a former lover and her new protector, a crime boss who refuses to help him in this gritty crime film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shelly b (us) wrote: finally something that is willing to even suggest that mary and joseph may have had more kids

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Julianne Moore plays the biggest bitch I've ever seen in a rom com who is a winy stick in the mud.

Elliott B (mx) wrote: Okish historical epic during the crusades of the 12th century.

v h (ru) wrote: This film, set in southern Argentina, follows the crissy-crossy journeys of three unrelated characters from the little village of Fitz Roy to the relatively big town of San Julian, which is almost a full day's trip away. Each character has his or her own reason for making the journey. Don Justo is a retired old guy who spends his days watching traffic go by in front of his little grocery store, which is now run by his overprotective son. When he hears that his old dog, Badface, has resurfaced in San Julian after a several year absence, he sneaks off during the night to find him, making the journey by hitchhiking. Maria is a shy young mother whose name is announced as a contestant on a game show called "Multicolored casino" or, as the announcer calls it, "Casino Multicolorrrrrrrrrrrrr!" She has to be coaxed by her friend to hop on the bus to the studio in San Julian for the opportunity to appear on TV and a chance to win the top prize -- something called a "multiprocessor". A what? I assumed this was some sort of a computer but it was actually some sort of food processor. Oh. The third character, Roberto, is a traveling salesman who's got a crush on one of his customers in San Julian, a young widow. He remembers that she mentioned that her child's birthday was coming up, so he's heading to San Julian with a special cake in an attempt to win her heart by working the old kid angle. Pretty sly, Roberto. The journeys intertwine a bit in towns along the way as the three characters occasionally cross paths. Roberto continually obsesses over the kid's birthday cake and stops at several bakeries en route to have alterations made. Don Justo ends up in a medical clinic with minor health problems and must lay low to avoid his son, who's in hot pursuit. Lots of minor characters come and go along the road, none the sort of quirky oddball characters so popular in indie films these days, but just the regular sort of people you might meet in real life, were your real life set in small town Argentina. I've tried to identify some sort of a theme which ties these three journeys together, but I'm coming up a bit short. All three characters are making Wizard of Ozzish-like trips to San Julian for their own personal reasons. Roberto is seeking love. Maria is seeking fame. Don Justo is seeking forgiveness. I guess they're all taking a little bit of a chance and doing something outside of their normal routines in an attempt to get what they're looking for. Or something. This is essentially a road movie, but a very low-key one. I liked it a lot, even though nothing much ever happens. Or more accurately, [i]because[/i] nothing much ever happens. I think it's out the theatres now, at least locally, so if you want to know how it all turns out, you'll have to rent it. I recommend that you do so.

Annette O (fr) wrote: I've seen this at least 8 times, and every time I see it, I end up in tears - something about this story touches me deeply. If you connect with Native American culture and appreciate a simple, communal way of life that has meaning, this move will grab your heart.

Dustin G (jp) wrote: A remake of Rio Bravo through and through. The town looks the same, the bank looks the same. John Wayne plays the same character. Robert Mitchum replaces Dean Martin, James Caan replaces Ricky Nelson. There's even a Stumpy in this one named Bull. Thankfully, despite its complete lack of originality, El Dorado is still a fine, entertaining, even hard nosed Western that's a lot of fun and an easy watch and sports an amazing performance from Robert Mitchum. Rio Bravo is easily the better movie overall though.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Crazy Asian sci-fi horror fight fest. It's fun, insane, and doesn't make a lick of sense. It's also a bit slow, dumb, badly edited, and cheaply made. It can probably be defined as 'so bad it's good' but only to a certain extent.

bloodywhitetrap (it) wrote: this movie is pretty good as someone who hates horror movies with a passion I can tell you this is not a horror film rather a suspense mystery movie about a killer who kills babysitters this movie messes with your mind and creeps you to no end and doesn't need to show blood and guts to do it a true creepy thrill ride the lead actress did OK good movie

Fredrik C (es) wrote: A good, but not great, James Stewart / Anthony Mann outing. As an afternoon matinee I love it.

William W (ru) wrote: To me, Barbara Stanwyck is such the prototypical noir femme fatale, but her Pre-Code works like 'Baby Face' are masterpieces, and her other works, in which she shows her vulnerability, are just as appetizing to the cinephile. Excellent for fans of drama or melodrama, especially from that era, when a widow who's nagging, overbearing mother won't let her find happiness because of what the neighbours would say, just can't take it any more. To a certain extent, with current society, our constantly trying to fit in and get approval from others makes this just as relevant today.She had a decent, not great, supporting cast to work with, and though director Bernhardt wasn't A-list (my favourite of his is 'Possessed' with Joan Crawford), he's all right for this material, and the Warner Brothers' production values, including Max Steiner doing the score and gorgeous photography from James Wong Howe, make this a lesser-known, under-the-radar, hidden gem you might enjoy.

Stephanie W (au) wrote: my favorite so far-watched it last night and it gave me nightmares! Very creepy