Sunil Shetty stars in this Bollywood crime drama as Amar Kapoor, an upstanding police inspector tasked with tracking down a notorious vigilante (Sunny Deol) and a small-time thug (Arman Kohli) who've been wreaking havoc all around the city. When he learns that his suspects are actually fighting to bring down an organized crime consortium, Amar is forced to decide between following orders and following his heart.

Amar is an honest and diligent police inspector assigned to investigate and bring charges against Krishna, and his friend, Raja, only to find that both are battling the forces of corruption and crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (ru) wrote: Forget, remember, forget....backwards, forwards...uneven, abrupt editing to make it feel even more upside down. You'd think with all that it would be more exciting, but no. Watching abstract amnesia can only be so interesting for so long...Time to watch Memento again to see it done correctly.

Gustavo C (ag) wrote: Me gusta su sabor sexual, humoristico y sentimental. Muy buena peli y artistas encantadores (en especial Kerekes :3)

Jimene M (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this story. The mistrust between Superman and Wonder Woman does not make sense and is only there to provide an action scene. Other than that, the story is good. This is the reboot Supergirl story pre - New 52 (the latest DC comics reboot). Fun to watch the DC trinity (Supes, Bats, and WW) all in action together.

Kok F (mx) wrote: A stylize film. Before I started to get bored of the extensive voiceover, a more dramatize love story came in that released my worries. The movie is visually amazing, it's simply dreamy to me. Extensive use of low angle shots have built a wall to the audience.

tracy p (au) wrote: Not a lot I can say about this, accept it's just really poor.

Christie B (mx) wrote: it was just stupid to make a second one, the first one wasnt that good and this one had no chance.

Felicity L (gb) wrote: Sweet and fun! I'm a romantic at heart, so I enjoyed the cheese and the obvious plot twists. The individual actors each performed brilliantly - Courtney Love was perhaps the weakest, but she's not really an actor so she can be forgiven. I particularly liked Casey Affleck's sweet, shy character, and also Christina Ricci as a Long Island teeny-bopper. Good fun, good for a few laughs.

LAM S (au) wrote: speechless....because it is really very funny...! haha...!

Ryan C (au) wrote: "Cinema Paradiso" is quite an achievement in movie history that boasts a lot of nostalgia and a delightful storyline while paying homage to classic films that broke down barriers in filmmaking. Not only does it show the importance of how movies have evolved, it also gives a heartwarming tale about friendship with an ending that will for sure touch every emotion you have inside.

Martin B (mx) wrote: Note to self: If going back to 1958 and work as a scientific professor and your job includes examining a pre-historic fish, Do not let german shepard drink melting water from its transporting box, don't put your hand in the dead fish mouth and let it bite you, and please, don't smoke the fishes blood in a pipe. This won't end good. You will tear up any room you happen to occupy at the moment and you will eventually kill all babes in sight and you'll don't remember much the day after. Doing the above is not recommended, but watching a movie about is pretty amusingA lot of 1950's sentiment like this qoute: Professor Donald Blake: Ah, the human female in the perfect state - helpless and silent.

Nicola W (it) wrote: An extreme and elaborate plot to prove his innocence. Surprisingly good considering most of the film was on the ledge. I enjoyed it!