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Ajay P (de) wrote: just knowing that michael cunningham wrote this piece, casting maryl streep, toni collett, and glen close, i just know it will be profound and emotionally deepening to the core!

Peter H (gb) wrote: A little funny sure, but not really anything else worth writing about.

John P (gb) wrote: This is a great movie! The plot has Kevin Cosner's character Billy Chapel pitching the last game of the season. hile pitching throughout the whole movie he is having flashback's of his succeses, failures, mistakes... Most of the movie builds up his just failed relationship with his girl friend and the mistakes he is realizing he made with her. Before he knows it he is pitching a perfect game (against the infamous New York Yankees no less). His character has a lot of heart; this is really what this movie is about. Who hasn't loved something so much that they almost lose themselves chasing it. I want to add I disagree with Roger Egert, which I often do, and most the other professional critics. Had Costner went out to the mound with a pink dress, did a dance, and cried when the New York fans booed him. Roger would have added this to his top ten movies of all time list!

Appsii L (nl) wrote: pretty cool indian gangster movie.

Matthew C (ru) wrote: Cormantastic! Everything you want and expect from Roger Corman. Directed by Barbara Peeters, this delightful bit of trash is full of beautiful young women taking their clothes off and fish men taking people's heads off. It quickly builds to a crazy, violent finish. Why do creatures from the deep always attack during a small town's special festival? Great stuff.

Maldonado G (fr) wrote: This movie was not meant to be funny. What it did do was show how PSTD affects some of those returning from war both physically and mentally. It's not as easily to return home after you've served your time and because of this, take time to listen; hear what is being said by these brave soldiers. They are our brothers and sisters mothers and fathers sons and daughters.

Jordan L (de) wrote: Good idea but there was way too much stupidity. I'm sure that this will actually happen if God doesn't smite everything by then.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: This is more of just a nostalgia trip for me. It was kind of a staple of my childhood.

Elton W (ag) wrote: I'm surprised by all the bad reviews. I really enjoyed this movie. From the pace to the scenery to the emotions I was engrossed.