Qing sheng

Qing sheng

Valentino is a mediocre con artist who crosses paths with Kwan, a fellow con artist. Together, they impersonate various people and create numerous schemes to make money. Meanwhile, gangsters are making a scheme of their own.

Valantino is a loser who's girlfriend has run off to get married, she mets a very lousy con-artist, thanks to her he's in trouble with a local mob boss. Meanwhile another low life is in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jane M (it) wrote: This movie is well made, but it's so horrible that I didn't even like watching it the first time. It's so damn dark! And honestly the motive is somewhat weak.

Josh F (it) wrote: Lead actor seemed like a monumental shithead.

Zeeshan A (gb) wrote: Lots of action as the movie promised with a decent story to go with. Merantau is an all action movie which, as many say, could have been edited better with a few better actors throw in but it still is worth the watch.

khalid m (kr) wrote: fun movie... arshad warsi do gud job in comedies...

Cade H (us) wrote: Kid Cannabis seems like it will be your typical teen comedy about smoking weed and partying. Turns out, this film was a great drama based on the true story of a guy who started a drug smuggling business from Canada and became rich. The whole thing was just interesting and involving and it very rarely lost my interest. The group of friends are fun and likable and seeing how their smuggling plan comes together was amazing. There may be lots of smoking and craziness that goes on but its all context with the serious nature going on around them. The title may turn most people away but if you give this film a shot, it has a lot to enjoy.

sally a (de) wrote: the history hitler. how an artist become a monster...

Jeffrey C (ru) wrote: Good but self-conscious at times...and believe me, Mumbai don't look like that!

Oscar G (fr) wrote: Riesgosa e inteligente, este film es otra maravilla de su autor.

anna V (gb) wrote: this movie is so weird

Ekene O (ru) wrote: Grade: A-. Very good. Although it's a comedy and is expected to make people laugh. I wasn't expecting laughter with a cast like this one. I was not expecting anything great actually. But you'll be suprised because this film is a movie you would buy on DVD/Blu-ray due to its family friendly nature that everyone will enjoy and want to rewatch.

Alex T (ru) wrote: The tension and leverage in the plot seesaw constantly, which must be the result of considerable artistry, sweat and craft by everyone involved. It must be meticulously crafted. But the strings never show.

Greg W (ag) wrote: another example of white boy playing an american indian-with blue eyes-right!

Vessela D (ca) wrote: A total waste of time...:(

House M (fr) wrote: A classic in the Hitman genre. Leon is the touching story of a hitman that befriends a little girl, young first performance of Natalie Portman, and finds the comfort he needs of an otherwise brutal siimple existence a man that is nothing more than the tool, an extension of the italian mafia. One of Luc Besson's best films along side Nikita, Le Grand Bleu, Subway, the 5th Element. A must see in the hitman genre.