Many years ago, on a faraway island, there lived a Sun Duck who protected his flock from evil powers. The Sun Duck had his loyal guardians who made sure the Sun evenly spread its energy on their flourishing land. The bliss continued until an Evil Witch learned of the Sun Duck's superpowers. She seized the guardians and stole the Sun Duck away for the only sake every living woman would understand: eternal youth and mesmerizing beauty. Today, nobody believes in old legends. Mandarin ducks peacefully reside on their island and abide by the law that prescribes "no flying on the island" and "never leave the island". The Emperor is the only one who knows that the legend is true and that the next generation Sun Duck has been born. He keeps it in strict secrecy, but the Witch also knows that the legend is true and she is coming back for her next victim.

The film depicts the battle between ducks and humans for the place under the sun. Mandarin ducks living on a peaceful island have no idea a legendary duck that is endowed with superhuman abilities has been born. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda W (au) wrote: Not the most hilarious comedy out there, but it doesn't intend to be. Fun and occasionally touching, but what really makes this movie is the cast, who give some truly lovely performances.

Stayce R (es) wrote: An interesting, yet sad re-enactment/documentary on the Japanese occupation of Nanking, China during WWII and the atrocities that took place. Unfortunately, these things happen every day still all around the world, we can't seem to learn.

keeths j (au) wrote: beautifully made movie!

Steve G (br) wrote: I loved this movie. It's more like a theater play, and it focuses on the issue of free will, and whether or not it exists, and if it does (or doesn't), what consequences this has for the actions of people. I loved the stage, acting, music, narration and story, go watch this!

Angela G (ca) wrote: why was this called paranoid? that makes no sense at all. should be called, "weird family in awesome house kidnap model and then try and do sex to her body while in a drugged out stupor." i would ruin the rest if i said more. no, i don't like alba at all. perhaps if they chose another person for her part, this would've received a better rating from me. i will hand it to her, she plays a pretentious, runway snob to a T, although i can't imagine she's nearly tall enough to be a runway model. it looked rather silly when she strutted down the cat-walk with her pout face. i give this a 3, which is better than the - 1,000 i imagined.

Aj V (it) wrote: Seriously one of the worse sci-fi movies I've ever seen. The monster goes around killing everyone, and there's an average amount of blood, but then there's a twist to the story that just ruins the rest of it, making it the worst sci-fi movie of the 80s.

J Scott F (au) wrote: On my D. W. Griffith film watching spree I had a similar experience with each film - I had a hard time getting into any of them at the outset as anything other than a historical observation . . . similar to viewing an interesting exhibit at a museum. However, with each film, I did find that I became emotionally involved by the end - and Lillian Gish grew on me more and more. This film has some very good, powerful moments, surrounded by slow moving exposition.

Andrew M (br) wrote: Happy Gilmore did make me happy. Adam Sandler was comedy gold in the 90's and this is just one of his best 90's film. This movie is hilarious and impossible not to laugh. I would suggest this movie.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Based on the game maybe?

Eliabeth R (es) wrote: Bonita historia, de Sudfrica en los aos 90, donde se ve la evolucin de un chico pobre y mal dotado en un internado de gente adinerada, me record en cierta forma mis aos de adolescencia, se puede ver

Ken C (es) wrote: Awesome movie. A definite must see with your family this Holiday season.