Quando l'amore è oscenità

Quando l'amore è oscenità

The film presents an array of nasty stuff like, intercourse with a tree branch, candle masturbation, whipping, orgies, toe masturbation, and a woman screwing around with a real corn cob.

Banned for few years in Italy due to its transgressive sexual content and released in theaters in 1979 this piece of sleaze offers several sexually explicit scenes including masturbation with a candle,whipping,rape and sexual intercourse with a donkey. Unfortunately my copy of "Oscenita" is in Italian language,so the plot went beyond me, but if you are a fan of sleazy exploitation cinema you can't miss it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stefano l (it) wrote: I discovered few days ago Alex de la Iglesia and I liked it a lot. So I was very curious about his last movie, and yesterday I decided to watch it. The first hour is totally great, with one of the strangest plot you have probably ever seen. Unfortunately, the final ends up being really trash, and although it's a bit of his style, I think this time he went too far.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: The Conspirator is a decent film. It is about Mary Surratt who is the lone female charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln. Robin Wright and James McAvoy give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Robert Redford did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and history.

Nuno C (ru) wrote: Melancholic but also very funny movie, shot in a grey suburb of Estonia's beautiful capital, Tallinn. Great cinematography. At times a bit too hysterical. Wonderful acting overall.

Austin R (au) wrote: Bizarre, creepy, thought-provoking, and ultimately too short is the performance-driven film, the Shadow of the Vampire.This fictional take on the production of the classic, Nosferatu, doesn't last long enough to properly develop it's characters and story. On the other hand, the effective direction makes up for its missteps.Despite its 90 minute running time, the premise unfolds terrifically and Dafoe and Malkovich deliver excellent performances in one of the best vampire films in recent years.

otrablue (nl) wrote: a bitter dark fairy tale set in an alternate time, little red riding hood never had more darker connotations than before .. left me feeling like i wanted more thinking what a bitter end , its made by the director of ghost in the shell ---so that means it will have some rather talky bits, and i cannot bee seen to be shallow just because i appreciate the cool detailed well made animation ,

Stuart S (br) wrote: Richard Gere puts hamsters up his arse

James H (ca) wrote: Cliche'd western, with stars too old for their roles. Poor period flavor, but it does have it's entertaining moments. Too bad there weren't more of them.

Armando P (nl) wrote: Whoever had the idea to mix zombies and Abraham Lincoln deserves recognition but the lack of cinema knowledge here feels awkard.

Sarah P (br) wrote: After watching this for fourteen minutes, I thought to myself 'I may as well shove a pogo stick up my vagina because that provides a lot more entertainment and tension.'