Quando la coppia scoppia

Quando la coppia scoppia

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Sean B (br) wrote: This is one of my Top 5 most favorite direct to DVD DC animated original movies. The stories are interesting, the voice acting is very well done, and the animation is amazing. I loved the one story with the tale of the first Green Lantern and how awesome it looked while he was taking down the enemy ships. I also liked the story with Green Lantern member known as Mogo who I was first introduced to in this movie and later enjoyed more in Green Lantern The Animated Series as well in modern GL comics. All and all this is a kick ass movie and I m glad I have a free digital copy of it with my laptop and didn't have to spend any money. I m glad I waited before I spent too much money on the two disc special edition of the movie which I really wanted. You can get Emerald Knights as a free download with the Green Lantern live action movie on both the DVD & Blu-ray copies of the film.

Ben H (ag) wrote: Hot on the retro Grindhouse bang wagon, 'Nude Nuns With Big Guns' retains the cheap, lurid, nasty aesthetic of exploitation cinema, while also imitating Robert Rodriguez's style (Machete) - but it's not as pointlessly or vacuously ironic as the Rodriguez/Tarantino homages. Still reprehensibly rubbish, though.

Sharon A (jp) wrote: Ok little flick, intresting in parts, and a ok way to spend the evening. Just glad I didn't pay to see at a cinema, as it wouldn't have been worth the admission price.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Up & Down & Sometimes Directionless But Quite Good In All. Pulls You Emotionally Many Different Directions & Feels All A Bit Too Wrapped Up In A Nice Bundle Of Lovelyness.

Maura G (nl) wrote: A bunch of crazy bitches

Arseniy V (gb) wrote: A well-put-together and unusual mixture of trite and flavorful. With a fairly strong emphasis on the latter.

Zane U (it) wrote: Laid-back almost to a fault, CHAN IS MISSING follows two friends looking for a man who they loaned money to. Basically, it's an indie noir that contemplates Asians' place in American society. I appreciated the social commentary and I greatly enjoyed the dynamic between the two protagonists who are absolutely hilarious when they play off of each other. Though, thinking about it, I'm having a hard time putting my finger on what exactly is missing from the film, I feel like CHAN IS MISSING created a bit of a ceiling for itself through its super-indie vibe that the well-executed mystery (albeit with low stakes) could not fully overcome.

edie l (fr) wrote: exelent and very special technic..i am kung fu master,,

Ben B (jp) wrote: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang stars Robert Downey Jr. as a petty thief who wanders into an audition for a movie role, lands the part, and is thrown into a major private investigation alongside a professional PI (played by Val Kilmer) including his childhood crush (played by Michelle Monaghan).This was an entertaining approach to a crime noir movie. RDJ served as both character and narrator, and his narrations were witty and hilarious. The way he gives his and Michelle's backstories is hysterical and self-aware. The film score was appropriate for the style of film presented. Like other Shane Black movies, KKBB establishes an environment and specific time period, this movie being early 2000's LA at Christmas. Shane Black always does a great job making his sets come to life, and this movie is no exception. Val Kilmer delivers what is probably one of his funniest roles; he really steals the show whenever he's on-screen. RDJ is always enjoyable, and Monaghan delivers despite her character being very wishy-washy.There are a few things that hold this movie back. The plot of the case, especially its resolution, is a bit confusing. Also, there were some scenes where the noir-style was abandoned in favor of a will-they-won't-they romance between RDJ and Monaghan. The scenes were good, but they just didn't fit in with the overall film.Overall, this is a good movie and a solid directorial debut for Shane Black. It isn't as good as The Nice Guys, but it's definitely watchable. If you like his movies, these actors, or crime-noir movies, go watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.Final grade: B-Ben