Quando os Deuses Adormecem

Quando os Deuses Adormecem


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Brad S (it) wrote: I wanted to love this one, some strong writing and great performance by Binoche, but it's also somewhat talky and pretentious. The lead male character was also super annoying and pulled me out of the story. Still, watch and judge for yourself, nice alternative to the big Hollywood blockbusters!

Cooper H (gb) wrote: Typical sports movie that does not do much to stand out. McConaughey and Mackie are both pretty good, but the emotional impact of the film is not where it could've been.

Li C (es) wrote: Not as fun or memorable as the Grinch as far as Dr. Seuss is concerned, but still a good story. The little "help!"s the Who gives in the beginning are cute. I prefer the new full-length version actually - it gives it more depth and is far more entertaining.

Tonya C (us) wrote: more than I expected... but Corbett tends to do that for me

Madeline M (fr) wrote: I really liked Mississippi Marsala, even though I think the dialogue could use some looking over (it is a little flat). The love story is quite sweet, but it is not without depth, and the movie as a whole says some interesting things about identity.

Jesca C (nl) wrote: It's the Pulp Fiction of Japanese noodle westerns.

James L (ag) wrote: At this point we have to wonder if we will ever see the end to this saga ; as we see more of the same ole same ole in Resident Evil Afterlife. But I suppose there is a market for this type of film and part of the allure is, the continued storyline. 2 stars

Hrant B (br) wrote: Third Person is a messy soap opera direct by Harris who also directed The Oscar nominated movie Crash. This movie was similar to Crash by the fact that it was made if great actors and actresses. The three commingled story lines hurt the flow of the movie. In the end the writer, Liam Neeson couldn't tell the difference between the three ladies. Stay away from this flick.