Quantum Love

Quantum Love

A family man's encounter with a beautiful woman develops into a mutual fascination.

in provincial Rennes by their mutual friend Julien, who suggests they’ll get along like a house on fire since both like to smoke grass. Clearly, only in a French romantic comedy would bonding over mutual drug use be considered appropriate for a meet cute, even if or perhaps especially if both protagonists and potential lovebirds are over 40. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ana G (ag) wrote: love it <33 made me cry my eyes out (L)

Courtney D (kr) wrote: Excellent modern dysfunctional love story with a cast that really delivers. I laughed, I cried, and it has a high replay value.

Maurcio V (gb) wrote: Gosto do fato do Peter Weir no se deter a sentimentalismos e permanecer fiel a isso do incio ao fim. Mesmo que em alguns momentos h falta de uma carga mais dramtica, a sbia escolha do diretor destaca a fora e dureza de seus personagens, carregados por um elenco exemplar, neste filme-jornada com tima fotografia.

Abbie K (es) wrote: Completely changes your outlook. Amazing imagery

Tamara H (de) wrote: Hmmm, murder in the 18th century . . . this one might be interesting!!

Eric B (us) wrote: "Fox and His Friends" is a depressing tale, but it's easier to watch than many other Fassbinder films.A naive slacker ("Fox," portrayed by Fassbinder himself) wins the lottery. Tellingly, Fassbinder the director lets this joyous moment occur offscreen, and quickly jumps ahead to the unsettling aftermath.After Fox's new wealth becomes known, he quickly makes friends with Eugen Thiess, the dashing son of a successful industrialist. As virtually every male in the film is homosexual, Fox and Eugen soon become lovers. But homosexuality is just the casual backdrop here -- the real issue is that the Thiess family riches are not what they appear to be, and Eugen soon sets on a course to ruthlessly swindle Fox out of his fortune. This is not a "twist," because Eugen's treacherousness is obvious from the start.Fox tries to make his way in Eugen's aristocratic world, but he is coarse, clumsy and uneducated. His new peers offer him little but passive-aggressive condescension, but Fox is too thick to perceive this. Meanwhile, Eugen methodically chips away at Fox's holdings."Fox and His Friends" is not as visually stylized as some other Fassbinder films, which is somewhat of a relief. The biggest problem is that its 123 minutes begin to drag before the tale reaches its inevitable, grim conclusion. It's a lot of film for such a simple, cautionary story.

Ryan T (fr) wrote: This film had the right idea but sadly missed the mark.

Doctor S (gb) wrote: Extremely steamy story of seduction and betrayal set in late 1800s Cuba. Jolie pushes hotness to an illegal degree and fills the role of two-timing temptress very well but a few secondary characters leave a little to be desired. Antonio Banderas eventually goes overboard nutty with his obsession for her, but really, can ya blame him? Worth 3 stars for the eye candy alone.

Brandon W (br) wrote: To be ready for the sequel, I watched Think Like a Man, and thought it was funny. It is not as funny as I thought when seeing it again. Few of the jokes felt stale, and it is your everyday rom-com movie despite it having 4 stories which felt refreshing. But it is the cast who are the saving grace of the movie as they are really funny and good, especially with Kevin Hart being the highlight of the movie. The stories are equally good and never felt like it wasn't dumbing the movie down. It was odd to make a movie that based on a book that doesn't have a plot, but they made it work by making stories based on the sections of the book. If you just want to watch a movie to buy some time, watch Think Like a Man. It won't make you feel like you wasted your time despite the flaws.