Quarantine L.A.

Quarantine L.A.

Seven strangers try to survive in the aftermath of a devastating outbreak. They must band together to escape from an isolated Los Angeles that has been hit by a virus that dramatically alters infected humans.

A group of seven strangers try to survive and escape from isolated Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, human changing virus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quarantine L.A. torrent reviews

Drew S (gb) wrote: great until the reveal...

Tuna M (ag) wrote: A politically sophisticated and ethically serious film, makes no big speeches or obvious points. Tanya Hamilton's Night Catches Us, a snapshot of the post-Black Power movement era, suffers most from its structural deficiencies. Washington and Mackie both deliver deeply-felt performances in their roles. The Roots provided a perfect soundtrack also.

William L (ag) wrote: very funny and has a great cast

Paul M (gb) wrote: Quite an amusing film and made more interesting as it is based on a true story and Knoxville is quite good as well.

Erwin M (br) wrote: el personaje pesimista de Bardem es buensimo. La historia y los actores lo hacen todo, no necesitan grandes escenarios.

Adrian F (kr) wrote: a very dark and violent film. a story about a man who gets no respect from anyone. the main characters wife is cheating on him with his boss, his coworkers don't like him, he just lives a terrible life. he wakes up one morning saying i need to make a change and he does it in very unimaginable ways.

Giselle M (es) wrote: Radio Piloto es una buena historia sobre maltrato infantil y la capacidad de resiliencia de los nios.

Martin T (mx) wrote: Pretty good for a TV movie with decent performances, sometimes a little over the top but nothing as hammy as Liam Neeson's final speech in Schindler's List.

Adam D (nl) wrote: As a work of cinema this movie is a piece of trash, but it excells in pure entertainment. Watch this movie if you got a laugh out of Commando.

Jarrett J (gb) wrote: blaxploitation at it's best...

Filius S (kr) wrote: Hot Tub Time Machine is the story of a bunch of guys whose lives all suck; one lost his girlfriend, the other has a shit job and the last one is an alcoholic. After nearly dying in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, the group decides to team up and go to a winter resort to have some good old fashioned fun at their old stomping ground. The resort, it turns out, has seen better days. Everything is a mess and there's nobody around except a creepy dude with one hand. The team decides to say fuck it, and they end up getting white girl wasted in a hot tub, which magically teleports them all back to the 80's so that they can have a new shot at life. The movie is surprisingly funny, with Darryl from the Office and Rob Corddry delivering a good amount of laughs; hell, even John Cusack, an actor I normally hate, does a great job.TL;DR - 8/10This movie was surprisingly funny. I went in expecting another half-assed Hollywood comedy for the masses, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. If you want some low-brow comedy and a decent by-the-numbers plot, then you've found your film for the night.

oniverse m (ca) wrote: this my not be what the fans of the games are looking for but without that it's a good entertaining film

Anthony T (it) wrote: Enjoyable action adventure film, recommended for fans of the genera